ThinkPad Protection

Lenovo builds some of the most durable and best engineered PCs available.   Matt Kohut has previously blogged about how ruggedand well put together our ThinkPads are.   Sometimes though, accidents happen, and no spill resistant keyboard, magnesium roll cage,  or "air bag" auto parking hard disks are going to completely save you.   For example, suppose your ThinkPad were to be driven over by a semi ? It could happen, and in fact, it did...  


Where the standard  warranties, which guard against defects in materials or workmanship leave off, ThinkPad protection steps up.  This unique coverage offers Lenovo customers repair or replacement protection for their system in the unfortunate event that any of life's little mishaps occur.   For those who appreciate the fine print, the details of the coverage can be read hereProtection services are also available for Lenovo 3000 notebook models as part of many upgraded service options available when configuring on our website. Hopefully your laptop will never require protection from semi trucks, but the coverage also helps recover from the more mundane events like large soda spills, the new puppy who chews on everything, or having loaned your system to your roomate, the bad luck magnet.   Whatever your reasons  may be, ThinkPad protection may be an option worth considering  on your next Lenovo ThinkPad, by itself or as part of many flexible warranty upgrades.  Data is not covered, so remember to make back ups. Lastly, while not related to my central points on the value of accidental damage protection, I think there is another aspect worth mentioning here as well.  Though the machine is seriously broken by the weighty truck's passage,  as evidenced by the dual tire marks and cracked lid, the interior view shows that the roll cage and full perimeter support design of the top cover did an excellent job of distributing the overwhelming force.  Much of the inner workings remain remarkably intact.  Pretty amazing.