The Lenovo-Motorola Deal: 5 Things You Should Know

The deal is done—Motorola is now part of Lenovo. So what does it all mean? Here’s our take. 1. The new Motorola-fueled Lenovo will be a major player in the global smartphone industry. When we woke up... Read more

Lenovo and Motorola: The Marriage of Two Innovators

Guest blog by Jeff Meredith, VP Marketing and VP/GM Tablet BU, Lenovo Mobile Business Group. Today marks an historic milestone for Lenovo and Motorola. It’s the first of many in a transformative journey that will... Read more

Doing More with Less: Server Density

Everyone is tasked with doing more by using less these days. Budgets stay the same (or are cut!), but the amount of work to be done continues to grow. Those of us in the IT world are very... Read more

Why Did the Elephant Cross the Road?

Is it due to an ancient migratory instinct? Or perhaps to find tasty acacia leaves? Neither. It’s to find a better big data solution! This week, Lenovo is featuring an impressive Hadoop SQL demonstration at the... Read more

Lenovo & Oracle: A Partnership of Growth

Recently at Oracle OpenWorld, Lenovo unveiled its first unified appearance with the team from System x and announced the joint support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM for both System x and ThinkServer. Lenovo also made several key... Read more

5 Tips to Transfer Data from Your Old PC to a New One

This is part of a weekly series featuring content written by the Lenovo Companion App Content Team Getting a new computer is an exciting undertaking. The possibilities of faster computing speed, more space and more organized files await you, as soon as you boot up for the first time. As does the prospect of moving all your old files to... Read more

Lenovo AnyFabric: Like an LZR Racer Suit for your Data Center

This isn’t a blog about banned Speedo swimwear or sorting through fabric swatches for drapery or a new sofa; it’s about network switching fabrics. That’s when servers in a network interconnect through multiple network switches. This spreads the network traffic across multiple links; kind of like threads in a fabric — providing a much... Read more

OYW Delegate: Holly Zhang

Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Yunzhu Holly ZHANG Job Title: Global Communications Manager Hometown: Harbin, China What I Do? I pull together shows, including Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, to have people all around the world to see our coolest products. I translate for our Chairman and CEO Yuanqing... Read more

OYW Delegate: Angie Zhang

Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Angie Yi ZHANG Job Title: Social Innovation Specialist, MBG Social and Digital Marketing Hometown: Beijing, China What I Do? I work in the MBG social and digital marketing team, responsible for global social-led campaigns to promote Lenovo Yoga products across social media platforms. I help create centralized social strategy and social... Read more

OYW Delegate: Lindsey Greathouse

Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Lindsey Greathouse Job Title: NA Email Program Manager Hometown: Darnestown, MD, USA What I Do? I talk to customers and build relationships through our consumer email program. Specifically, I plan and write content, determine send and segmentation strategy, analyze and report results, and look for new and engaging ways to... Read more

OYW Delegate: Jennifer Kefgen

Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Full Name: Jennifer Kefgen Job Title: Senior Manager, Human Resources Hometown: Troy, Michigan, USA What I Do? I am HR Partner supporting our Enterprise Business Group and Americas Geography Finance teams. In addition, I am the Country HR Partner for any Finance and IT/BT teams located in the US. Places I... Read more

OYW Delegate: Clement Zhao

Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Clement Bo ZHAO Job Title: VLB & LB Key Account Team Leader Hometown: Yingkou, Liaoning, China What I Do? Lead a team to win key accounts and accomplish the relationship model market. Involved in supervising hundreds of channel distributors in the Lenovo sales system. Places I’ve Gone? Shanghai,... Read more

OYW Delegate: Brandi Einhorn

Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Brandi Einhorn Job Title: ThinkServer WW Outbound Marketing Launch Manager Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA What I Do? Change the world, one deliverable at a time. In all seriousness, I work on a great team creating collateral that educates our sales teams and raises awareness for our next-gen ThinkServer products. Places... Read more