Students at the STEM High School in the Lake Washington school district outside Seattle via Nick Adams at Education Week

Engagement is Not the Goal

Engagement is not a goal, it’s an outcome of students (or anyone) doing meaningful work. - Sylvia Martinez via Scott McLeod In today’s education speak, engagement is too often cited for purposes that are not ideal.... Read more

The Chocolate Factory Becomes Cloud Ready

The fast pace of IT GUEST BLOG BY LAURA FROMBACH AND KEN LANCASTER… Remember Lucy and Ethel? OK, maybe we're dating ourselves, but there’s a classic Lucy and Ethel skit that reflects the pace of IT today. They&rsquo... Read more

Migration from XP: Why It’s a Must

Familiarity is the enemy of progress. Why get something new if what you have still meets your needs? That is the thinking among some Windows XP users who are resisting a migration to Windows 7 or 8. The problem is... Read more

LinkedIn Group - Lenovo Partner Network, North America

Post by Jason Yelton, Senior Manager, Marketing. Channel partners generate 85 percent of Lenovo’s business. We understand that to continue growing our business, we have to make every effort to help you grow yours. And to... Read more

Big Data Solutions For Small & Medium Businesses

The data explosion For the last several years, the Big Data momentum has steadily increased as large firms see the value of investing in data analytics. According to Wikibon, the US Big Data market reached $18.8B in 2013, with computer hardware encompassing 38... Read more

ThinkServer SA120 DAS Array

SA120 DAS & CacheCade for Automated Data Acceleration

GUEST BLOG BY TAY FOSTER ... You heard about our recent ThinkServer SA120 direct-attached storage (DAS) announcement, right? Right? It’s amazing and unique in that it’s the only DAS array that has 3.5-inch drive bays in the front and 2.5-inch drive bays in the back. Single enclosure configurations are available with up to 48TB of NL-SAS... Read more

Core ThinkServer Services Portfolio

The Invisible Investment for the Invincible Small Business

GUEST BLOG BY TRACY NEYENHUIS … As a smart small business owner, you’re careful with your investment decisions. It’s simple. When you buy new assets, they need to create real value. It’s easy to understand the return on an investment in capital equipment — a new forklift, digital signage, warehouse space, stunning store fixtures... Read more

Sample Tool Output

How to Convince your Boss that it’s Time to Refresh your Servers

GUEST BLOG BY TAY FOSTER… You know better than anyone that it’s a tough sell to persuade decision makers to refresh when the servers are still plugging along. I’m sure you’ve heard these comebacks: We have servers? We’ll think about new servers when these break. There’s no budget&hellip... Read more

Think Green [Infographic]

Think makes it easier to be green. Sustainability is fundamental at work and home. What’s your best green tip? Read more

Thinkpad Shortcut

Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts at Your Fingertips [Infographic]

Lenovo's Thinkpad keyboard shortcuts save you time. Browse now to increase your efficiency with shortcuts for display, navigation, playback, lighting & more. Share this infographic using the embed code below: <a href="|574106&"><img src=" Read more

Is your laptop cool only on the outside?

When I ask people what they look for in a laptop, they usually list portability, screen size, processor speed, memory. But one thing I rarely hear is that the laptop should not overheat. Now I know you’re thinking - that’s not really a surprise. The cooling tech isn’t exactly a visible feature. That&rsquo... Read more

Shimmer Non-Dairy Floor Wax

It’s a Floor Wax…It’s a Dessert Topping…It’s a Storage Array!

Guest blog by Gregg Shupe… The legendary Dan Akroyd/Gilda Radner Saturday Night Live skit for Shimmer Non-Dairy Floor Wax promoted a product that was simultaneously a workhorse floor wax AND a delectable dessert topping. Like the multipurpose Shimmer product, today’s medium-sized business customers need a way to get the biggest bang for their buck with their... Read more

Intuitive, efficient and effective Smart Grid technology

What’s so SMART about Smart Grid?

GUEST BLOG BY Nancy Reaves... Reducing power cost is always a priority. How do we do it at home? When we are not using a room, we make sure to turn off the lights. We install programmable thermostats that reduce the heat and air conditioning when we leave the house and increase it just before we return. Power is a... Read more