7 Tips to Secure and Protect Your PC

This post was written by the Lenovo Companion App Content Team. What would you do if all the data on your computer were suddenly inaccessible? Or your banking information was compromised? Unfortunately, these cyber threats are very real and prevalent. ... Read more

University of Hawaii at Manoa Learns the Value of the ThinkServer SA120

The University of Hawaii is committed to providing a challenging and engaging educational experience, while also promoting the development of ground-breaking educational research. One of the oldest schools within the University of Hawaii, the College of Education is... Read more

Sustaining High Performance with DDR4 Memory

We've just launched the latest in high-performance enterprise server hardware with our Lenovo ThinkServer systems. In developing these systems, some of the challenge in hitting the highest performance levels has shifted from a focus on components, back... Read more

Designing for Today’s Data-Intensive Workloads

Today, Lenovo is proud to launch its next-generation tower and rackmount servers based on the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 Series family of processors. Similar to Lenovo’s success in the client segment, the strategy for the... Read more

Favored to Win

Next-gen ThinkServer RD550, RD650 & TD350 We’ve hit the trifecta. How can you not be excited by that? By (1) combining the most talented team of people, (2) introducing new, enterprise-class products with the right blend of flexibility, scalability and performance and (3) acquiring a... Read more

Chuck Bergen, CEO, VTree Entertainment LLC

Meet the First LenovoDev Developer of the Week: VTree Entertainment CEO, Chuck Bergen

  AUTHOR'S NOTE: This post is the first in a weekly series called LenovoDev Developer of the Week. It will highlight members of the LenovoDev Developer Program who have built an outstanding relationship with Lenovo and/or have a unique, compelling backstory. Featured developers are nominated by the Lenovo Windows8 Store manager in their geography. We... Read more

Lenovo and Oracle: Gearing up for OpenWorld 2014

At Lenovo, our partnership with Oracle is focused on delivering the hardware portion of the IT stack so mid-market customers can deploy Oracle’s red stack, which consists of Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Database and Oracle middleware. We are a leading server provider into key market segments such as Retail, Education and Hospitality, and are also strong in... Read more

CIOs & IT Decision Makers are transitioning to virtualized environments. Here's some information to keep you on top of it.

Virtualization 101

Join the conversation. Join the Thinkers League Read more

A Tip of the Hat to 30 Series

Last week my three year old daughter watched Toy Story for the first time.  Not surprisingly, Woody, had a big effect on her.  After the movie, she spent a lot more time with her older toys.  She had a new found appreciation for the toys who comforted her as she made the leap from baby to &ldquo... Read more

Gerry Smith to Partners: Blue Skies Ahead for Lenovo and System x

Guest blog by Gerry Smith, Executive Vice President, President of Enterprise Business Group and the Americas. Just two weeks ago, Lenovo’s pending $2.3 billion transaction to purchase IBM’s System x server business was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). We look forward to closing the transaction, but many channel partners, clients... Read more

Lenovo and IBM: Stronger Together

This blog is a collaboration between Annabelle Thuan and Ken Timmons. Annabelle has had several roles at Lenovo and currently works in WW ThinkServer marketing. Ken also works in WW ThinkServer marketing at Lenovo, but many years ago, he was one of the engineers on the original IBM PC.  Annabelle: The year was 2005—astronomers discovered the dwarf planet... Read more

How to Use Bluetooth Technology

This post was written by the Lenovo Companion App Content Team. Stream music, share files, print documents and more with Bluetooth wireless technology. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that lets you connect computers and devices to each other without cables. Many people have devices—speakers, printers, smartphones, headphones and more—that are Bluetooth-enabled, yet don’t... Read more

ThinkServer Booth at VMworld 2014

Live from VMworld! It’s All about Getting the Most out of Your Virtualization Efforts

We are in beautiful San Francisco, CA for the VMworld 2014 Conference. Lenovo is a sponsor so come visit us in booth #523 where we have solutions and products that will help make your end-to-end virtualization efforts a success. From servers to thin clients, we can help you achieve your goals.  VMware always has new products to show BUT it wouldn... Read more