6 Easy Ways to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Laptops are our gateways to all things online. Your high-powered Lenovo or Think notebook will follow you from home to office to coffee shops and back, hour after hour…as long as you take a few steps to maximize... Read more

Server Disaggregation

IT planners and product designers are looking at products and data centers in new ways. They are exploring ideas such as a rack containing separate chassis for CPU, memory and storage in hyper-scale computing, or choosing best-of-breed solutions... Read more

Private Cloud Server Sweet Spot

Almost every organization is either considering a private cloud or has already begun implementation. The host server architecture is a key component of the private cloud virtual infrastructure. The cost-performance sweet spot for virtualization hosting is typically an... Read more

The Easiest Way to Share Content - Lenovo’s SHAREit App

SHAREit App Do you ever need to transfer files quickly from one device to the other?  Do you hate having to park files in the cloud, log in on the other device and download them?  What if you... Read more

Lenovo ThinkStation at the premiere of Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon

On July 27, Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon, China's first 3D animated feature film produced by Mili Pictures, was first released in the Saga Cinema (Solana Beijing).The film produced by Disney’s gold producer... Read more

Too Much Information?

Have you heard anyone say the amount of data they need to store is going down?  No?  Me neither. In fact, data available for business use is growing exponentially. To remain competitive, businesses must evaluate differentiated storage strategies to ensure collected data can be cost effectively stored and analyzed. With traditional centralized storage systems, the architecture uses a... Read more

As online attacks on Large Enterprises increase, here is a list of Top 10 technologies for Information Security in 2014

Top 10 Technologies for Information Security in 2014

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Lenovo ThinkServer & ThinkStation Solutions For High-Performance Computing

In this edition of the Lenovo ThinkServer blog, we wanted to shed some light on how Lenovo servers and workstations are being deployed for the high-performance computing (HPC) industry. Joining me in this discussion is Vertical Marketing Manager, Chris McCoy, from the Lenovo ThinkStation team. Edgar: Hi Chris, can you tell us a bit about your work experience and how... Read more

Iris Classon, Windows 8 developer and our new Lenovo Developer Expert

Meet Windows 8 Rockstar and New LenovoDev Expert, Iris Classon

She was given a  Microsoft MVP Award, has developed a slew of Windows 8 apps and even co-authored a book. And she loves extreme sports as well. Meet Iris Classon, one of our latest Lenovo forum users, who will be helping us out in our Windows 8 app developer boards. Iris is a sought-after developer conference speaker, writer, blogger, Microsoft... Read more

Lowering Data Center Costs

Studies have shown that data center cooling costs are equal to or greater than the cost of powering the IT equipment itself. One way to reduce these cooling costs is by operating the data center at higher temperatures. This allows innovative data-center cooling strategies to be employed. As examples, fresh-air and chiller-less cooling technologies can be used. In fact, many... Read more

Server Management Automation

The IT industry is continually evolving, but one constant is that IT administrators are being asked to do more with less — while still enabling business growth and maintaining service levels to their customers. Providing highly reliable infrastructures to host business-critical applications while responding quickly to business and market changes, is a challenge made more difficult when considering constrained budgets... Read more


[ID]#BUILTTOEXPLORE :  10 perangkat bagi yang bercita-cita menjadi musisi

Bisa memakai musik yang dramatis, kami sarankan The Final Countdown oleh Europe. Itu cara favorit kami untuk bersiap-siap akhir musim panas - bahkan jika suara bising dari weker kamu mungkin butuh perbaikan.  Tapi ini sedikit kabar baik: Semester mendatang adalah saatnya kamu mencari tahu "diri kamu" dan kalau kamu pikir itu melibatkan musik dalam segala cara atau bentuk, kami... Read more


[ID]#BUILTTOEXPLORE : 10 perangkat berguna bagi yang bercita-cita menjadi fotografer

Ya itu sedikit dramatis. Kalau kamu berpikir untuk menangkap momen ini untuk membuatnya abadi, kamu mungkin bisa. Itulah gunanya instagram, kan? Itu sesuatu yang kita sia-siakan dengan bertebarannya ponsel kamera dan perangkat di sekitar kita setiap saat, tapi kalau kamu terus menerus melihat pemandangan layak foto di sekitar kamu, mungkin ini saatnya kamu mendengarkan hati kamu dan isi Yoga Tablet... Read more