Lenovo International Warranty Service (IWS)

Whether I'm doing email, paying bills, reading blogs, surfing ebay, or just looking up a phone number, I'm on my Thinkpad.  I can't imagine working without the freedom to take it everywhere.I suspect mobile computing has now become second nature for many of us, never going far without that familiar black rectangle tucked under our arm or stowed in a bag.  We carry it to and from work, the corner coffee shop, and with us to the airport.  We travel around the world with it.Traveling with a Lenovo PC should be a great experience - it was designed to be.  Many of our PCs are made for the international marketplace, so when traveling abroad there are a few things you’ll need to know in the off chance  service is required while out of your home country.  What’s covered and what’s not?  In a nutshell, your PC warranty is quite portable.  However, the service delivery method can vary by country. The warranty time period and entitlement (1 year, 2 year, 3 year, etc) travel along with you while the type of service - onsite, depot, carry in, remain dependent upon the base terms for the country you are visiting.   Whether planning a new notebook purchase to support your global work travels, or just packing your present notebook along on an extended trip abroad, it will be helpful to know where service will be available for your particular model.Lenovo publishes this information on our e-support  site.  Check out the International Warranty Service terms  for the country you’re planning travel to, for your specific Lenovo PC model.  Typically a mix of carry in and regional depot repair options are available.  If your country of visitation doesn't cover your particular model, you may need to ship your PC to the nearest country that has parts and service capability for that particular model.   Knowing where to call for help is important too - see our Worldwide Support Center phone list.  You can bookmark this page, or make note of the support number for the country you’re traveling to before your trip.I would also suggest making those recovery CDs or DVDs for your system in advance of your travels and take them with you.  These will ensure you can always reload your system with the appropriate language and operating system in case of the worst disaster.   These tips should help you travel worry free, knowing where to call and what to expect should the need for help arise.