Time magazine just published an article listing the most influential gadgets of all time. You can read the article here. It’s always fun to explore lists like this and see how the selections compare with you own thoughts. In this case I was thrilled to see ThinkPad make the list at number 21!  It was perhaps even more rewarding to see such a strong mention of the unique ThinkPad design approach. We’re in good company with a few milestone Motorola products, the Polaroid camera, and the original PC.

TIME Magazine

Creating such a design icon did not come easy. It was built on a strong foundation laid by Richard Sapper and honed by countless others. It took years of hard work, unwavering dedication, strategic thinking, and creativity. It’s about people with a unique mindset and desire to strive for perfection. Making something different is easy, making something better is much more difficult. Thanks to TIME magazine for noticing.

David Hill