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Guest Blog by Bill Bolton, Community Moderator, Lenovo Forums.  *Updates: Here's Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4. The UPS guy has just delivered my new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, so let’s get on with unboxing it. The very first thing I did was look at the back of the box, as there are specifications shown there. I wanted to look at the specifications to make sure that the product I received was what I expected, before I broke any packaging seals. Oddly, there are two identical specification panels there, but it's better having two than none I guess. Anyway, the specifications line up with the model/configurations I was expecting, so it's on to opening the box seals. One of the box seals isn’t fully stuck down, so out of curiosity I pick at it and it comes off, but it's tamper proof, and leaves a VOID marker. So, I just cut through the seals and this is what’s inside. The Yoga tablet is on top and underneath it are some essential accessories – a power adapter, USB cable, JBL ear...

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ThinkStation C30 makes friends at Comic Con 2013

ThinkStation C30 makes friends at Comic Con 2013

It’s a fact, Lenovo has incredible momentum.  According to the latest from IDC and Gartner, Lenovo is #1, the leader in worldwide PC market share.  We also continue to climb the rankings of the Global Fortune 500.  A key driver of this success is the power of the Think brand.  However, if there is one industry where the Think brand has yet to dazzle, it is in media and entertainment. Conventional wisdom is that the creative types fueling the industry just want sexy devices, not the iconic black box known as ThinkPad, designed for corporate customers.  And if ThinkPad can’t attract media and entertainment customers…well, what hope does ThinkCentre, ThinkServer, and ThinkStation have of cracking the market? This isn’t to say that Lenovo doesn’t have some fantastic media and entertainment customers.  Customers like Bit Theory™ specialize in cutting edge after effects for the film industry.  In fact, it was Allen Bolden, Bit Theory President, who suggested partnering with them to create a virtual experience we could demonstrate at Comic-Con….that’s right, ThinkStation at Comic-Con!  While Comic-Con is in no danger of being confused with Autodesk University as an event ripe with opportunity for ThinkStation sales, it was nevertheless, enlightening. I was introduced to influential IT decision-makers, as well as, product users in the media and entertainment industry.  If...

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