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When you think about it, the BYOD (bring your own device) trend hasn’t so much been welcomed by organizations as much as it has been imposed on them. As employees become attached to their personal mobile devices, they have brought them into the workplace and used them for work-related and personal tasks. Rather than resist the trend, ZDNet estimates that 61 percent of businesses have sought to accommodate it. Businesses believe BYOD boosts morale while encouraging productivity and creativity. But while the approach may be good for employees, it’s often a nightmare for IT departments that have to figure out how to secure and manage an array of devices, some of which may be unfamiliar and untested. At Lenovo, we think there is a better way – CYOD (choose your own device). This displaces BYOD by placing control back in the hands of the IT organization and restores order to device management. With CYOD, IT organizations have the opportunity to review, test and certify those devices that meet a company’s requirements, such as interoperability with business applications. Once a company approves mobile devices and computers for use, employees can have them. We are confident that CYOD is the way of the future. As my colleague Chris Frey, Lenovo's vice president of North America commercial channels and SMB,

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ThinkCentre Edge 92z

ThinkCentre Edge 92z

Why should you consider All-In-Ones? Pooja Sathe, ThinkCentre Product Manager From traditional towers to ultra small form factors, we have seen desktops evolve in technology, performance and design. Last year Lenovo introduced the industry’s first 1 L commercial desktop - the ThinkCentre Tiny. This unique form factor is designed to fit into places where traditional desktops never had a chance - on the wall, behind the monitor and under the desk. The whole idea of introducing this paradigm product is to provide a space efficient design without compromising commercial desktop performance. As business demand and aesthetics limit overall product footprint in the desktop segment, the most important product to consider is All-In-Ones (AIO). All-In-Ones are still considered a niche product. IDC data suggests that NA AIO market size will be 2.15 million/year in 2013 and 2014. This is a significant and almost 15% of the total desktop market size. According to this data, the commercial AIO market is showing a rapid growth of 13.1% year over year whereas the traditional desktop market is declining. To continue with this growth trajectory, it is important to address the apprehensions customers have about the AIO’s performance, maintenance and expandability. In the next few paragraphs, we will explore why AlO systems are a great option for desktop users and give examples of ThinkCentre This will be done for two reasons: First, Lenovo is ranked #1 in WW...

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