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Familiarity is the enemy of progress. Why get something new if what you have still meets your needs? That is the thinking among some Windows XP users who are resisting a migration to Windows 7 or 8. The problem is on April 8 Microsoft officially pulled the plug on supporting the 13-year-old operating system. This means Microsoft, which stopped selling XP in 2008, is no longer sending out security patches for XP. And that should be a major concern for any XP user. According to estimates, XP users remain a sizeable group, with as many as 500 million still latching on to their XP-loaded machines. Nearly one-third of all OS users – an estimated 28 percent – still rely on XP for their computing needs. Those users should be worried. Because Microsoft no longer sends out security patches, the potential for a security breach is high. Patches address software vulnerabilities as they are discovered. Wily cyber criminals constantly look for new vulnerabilities that let them sneak into systems and networks to steal private user data and intellectual property. In recent years, cyber espionage has become a major concern for companies that have trade secrets to protect. Security breaches can be devastating. They can cost millions of dollars in remediation, ruin a company’s reputation, invite lawsuits, and incur stiff penalties from regulatory agencies. Companies operating in the U.S. are subjected to a veritable...

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Post by Jason Yelton, Senior Manager, Marketing. Channel partners generate 85 percent of Lenovo’s business. We understand that to continue growing our business, we have to make every effort to help you grow yours. And to accomplish that, ongoing communication between Lenovo and our partners is a must. That’s why we are launching Lenovo Partner Network North America LinkedIn Group, and we invite you to become active participants. Our goal is to create a forum for a free exchange of ideas about topics directly pertaining to Lenovo and to industry news and trends. We will use the forum to share our thinking on Lenovo products and strategies, and solicit your feedback and suggestions. We want to hear from you. By telling us what’s on your mind, you can help us provide you with the support you need to close more deals and find new customers. We want to know what challenges you face and opportunities you see. Over time, we hope the content you read here, the information you share, and the connections you make will help you achieve – even exceed – your business goals. Once you join the group, you can share articles, post and answer questions, and give us feedback. In our most recent financial quarter, Lenovo achieved the No. 1 position in the PC market, thanks primarily to a 30 percent increase in...

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The last day of Accelerate 2013 began with Doers controlling robots in a Mario Kart-style showdown in the product showcase arena.  The battle bots were controlled by ThinkPad Tablet 2s. After some breakout tracks and a Distribution open house, it was time to wrap things up with the final General Session meeting.  The special guest speaker today was former head of training of Disney University, Doug Lipp.  Doug’s energy on stage was infectious as he delivered his powerful message of providing great customer experience. To close the show, we gave away some great products to those in attendance including a ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch and the brand new ThinkPad Helix. We hope you’ve enjoyed your time with us. We’d also like to express thanks to our many sponsors who helped us pull off another successful event and support us in partnership throughout the year .  We appreciate everyone who was able to attend Accelerate 2013 as well as those of you who stayed connected through social media. The presentations you saw during the event will be made available on the blog soon. Thanks, and to those traveling, I wish you a safe trip home! Annabelle Thuan NA Channel Marketing Manager

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Last night's Arrrgh-celerate Beach Bash was a big hit.  Did I include enough "r's"?  Anyway, the weather was perfect, the food was fantastic and the DJ was spinning some great music.  Partners enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere after a couple long days of workshops, breakout sessions and general session meetings.  And a pirate themed party would not be complete without an appearance by Captain Jack Sparrow himself.  Jack and his sword-wielding assistants made for some great photo opportunities.  Don't worry, no partners were harmed during the picture taking.  You can find all of the pictures from the Beach Bash as well as other parts of the event by following the link below. Lenovo Accelerate 2013 Image Gallery The final General Session meeting just finished.  We will have an update to you soon to put a wrap on Lenovo Accelerate 2013. Landon Fitzgerald Channel Marketing Creative Manager

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General Session featured a MythBuster and an innovative DJ

General Session featured a MythBuster and an innovative DJ

Tuesday morning began with the first General Session meeting of Accelerate 2013 and the beat-dropping styles of DJ Mike Tompkins got things started off right. If you aren’t familiar with Mike’s work, he’s become a YouTube sensation for his ability to produce music by combining his singing, rapping, pre-recorded scratching, beat-boxing and self-generated sounds to recreate Top 40 hits.  For today’s show, he built an app on Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Horizon 27” table with multi-touch display technology. Sammy Kinlaw, Lenovo’s Director of Channel Sales, kicked off the General Session meeting and introduced a mix of presenters from Lenovo, Microsoft and Intel, plus a special myth busting guest speaker. Lenovo’s President of North America, Jay Parker, presented his five priorities for FY14 - Re-define the Lenovo Customer Experience, Grow PC+, Sustainable Consumer Growth, Aggressively Acquire Commercial Accounts, Enterprise and Around the Box. Chris Frey, North America’s Channel Chief, followed with his Hand to Hand Combat strategy that will help develop an independent Channel, increase sales velocity and produce higher partner profitability.  Dilip Bhatia, Vice President for ThinkPad, spoke about Lenovo's market share success.  ThinkPad is the #1 commercial notebook worldwide along with our ThinkCentre all-in-one PC offerings.  Bhatia also unveiled the new ThinkPad S431...

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