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System x3750 M4

System x3750 M4

The System x3750 M4 is a 4 socket server featuring a streamlined design, optimized for price/performance, with advanced flexibility and expandability. The x3750 M4 provides maximum storage density, flexible PCIe networking options in a dense 2U form factor. 1) The x3750 M4 is expandable: Most standard models start with 2 processors and two DIMMs, but when you add the processor and memory expansion shelf, you increase the system to 4 processors and 48 DIMM. For storage, you can have 16x 2.5-inch bays or 32x 1.8-inch SSDs. For IO expansion, the x3750 M4 has 8 PCIe slots in addition to a dedicated Mezzanine LOM slot.  2) The x3750 M4 performs exceptionally better than the previous version: The new x3750 M4 server with Intel Xeon E5-46xx v2 processors performs 30-50% better than the previous version.  The processor cores are increased from a max of 8 core to now 12 core per processor.  When moving from the previous version, in most cases, you can drop down a processor level, save cost while also increasing performance,  win-win. 3) Ideal for consolidating 2 socket servers The x3750 M4 performance can be 4 times that of a 2 socket system. Fewer servers and fewer total cores, results in x3750 M4 TCO savings: Lower HW acquisition cost Lower software licensing cost (based on core, processor or servers) Few servers to power, maintain and administrate Less racks taking up valuable floor space 4) The x3750 M4 is a...

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The System x3850 X6 server

The System x3850 X6 server

Point 1: Discipline(s): a “village” of experts worked together to design X6 Lots of discipline went into the design of the System x X6 family of servers. Correction: perhaps we should say disciplines. Experts in High End Hardware Development, Human Factors Engineering, Industrial Design, User Experience and Mechanical Engineering all collaborated on what would become the final design of the X6 portfolio of rack servers. One engineer reinterpreted the way a high end system could be constructed; his models were the impetus for the modular concept. Others collaboratively designed a feasible architecture, interconnects, the system’s spatial layout and the final architectural design. Human Factors engineers optimized the design to be more user-friendly by taking into account the way that individuals naturally process information and the ways in which they act based on what they see and/or understand. The design team knew that not only could a well-thought-out and innovative design help data center professionals to streamline day-to-day activities such as routine maintenance, service and upgrades, but also, it could drive a more positive user experience. In the final design, easy-to-install flexible granular elements form the basis of the X6 rack server. These elements slide into and out of the server chassis much like books on a book shelf. Having “preconfigured assemblies” (also known as removable modular “books”)...

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Today we announced two new converged networking adapters for Flex System: IBM Flex System CN4058S 8-port 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter, 94Y5160 IBM Flex System CN4052 2-port 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter, 00JY800 The CN4058S is an 8-port adapter and the CN4052 is a 2-port adapter. Other than that, the adapters are identical in feature and function. The CN4058S and CN4052 Virtual Fabric Adapters Virtual NIC capability These new adapters are part of the VFA5 family of System x and Flex System Virtual Fabric adapters. Virtual Fabric in the name means these adapter supports virtual NIC (vNIC) capability, up to 4 vNICs per port (for a total of 32 for the CN4058S and 8 for the CN4052), where each physical 10 GbE port can be divided into four virtual ports with flexible bandwidth allocation. The CN4058S and CN4052 are supported in blade servers such as new Flex System x240 M5 Compute Node. Two adapters are supported, one in each of the two I/O connectors. The CN4058S and CN4052 are...

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Everyone is tasked with doing more by using less these days. Budgets stay the same (or are cut!), but the amount of work to be done continues to grow. Those of us in the IT world are very familiar with this concept. We must accommodate more data, more users and more applications every day. But all is not lost! The new ThinkServer systems are here to help. With the latest generation of Intel Xeon E5 processors, our ThinkServer RD550 rack server is designed from the ground up to do more in less space. For example, with two quad-port 10GbE AnyFabric mezzanine cards and three dual-port 10GbE cards in its PCIe slots, it provides an astounding 140Gb of Ethernet networking bandwidth in only 1U of rack space! This is industry leading and 40 percent better than the nearest competitor can provide. A rack full of RD550s with network IO capable of over 5Tb per second can easily handle the most demanding application throughput.  If storage performance is the goal, the RD550 supports 12x 2.5” drives, two of which can be Intel’s latest NVMe PCIe SSD and the remainder can be 12Gbps SAS SSD. This can provide close to 2 million small block IOPS in the same 1U space. When comparing to one leading competitor, this is 85% more IOPS. In addition to the crazy...

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Is it due to an ancient migratory instinct? Or perhaps to find tasty acacia leaves? Neither. It’s to find a better big data solution! This week, Lenovo is featuring an impressive Hadoop SQL demonstration at the IBM Insight event in Las Vegas, highlighting massive sequential query performance with IBM BigInsights analytics deployed on powerful, agile yet cost-effective System x3650 and System x3550 clusters. Migrate over to booth #406 and check out Lenovo’s validated solution and reference architecture for analyzing unstructured and structured data in an Apache Hadoop environment. Lenovo offers an extensive suite of big data solutions for the leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) such as MapR, Cloudera, InfoSphere and

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