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We recently held a Lenovo Hangout session a couple of weeks back on the New ThinkPad X1 Carbon with our product experts, Dilip Bhatia (VP ThinkPad Prod. Marketing), Alysia Baker (Prod. Marketing Manager), Chris Karaffa (Lenovo Advocate) and Raju PP (Tech Blogger). Relive the Experience below However, due to some technical faults, the Hangout prematurely ended and we know that there were a few questions which could not be answered in time. Well fret not, here are the answers! ANSWER: We’ve done a lot of user research about how to improve our keyboard and two trends stood out: Users wanted a simpler keyboard but still wanted all the functionality they were used to. This is why we developed the Adaptive Keyboard. By combining 40 shortcuts in a dynamically changing row, it brings the most pertinent shortcuts for the application to the forefront without taking away functionality. ANSWER: Yes, there will be an update to allow you to assign your own apps to the 4 rows. ANSWER: Absolutely. X1 Carbon is all about pushing boundaries and the newest generation is no exception. Everyone interacts with their devices differently and the we understand this. By having different interactive features, we allow users to personalize their experience in whatever way they work and play best. ANSWER: In addition to the new user interactive features like the Adaptive Keyboard, voice and gesture control, we also have improved basic...

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Guest blog by Chris Karaffa, Lenovo Advocate As a long-time business user of the X1 Carbon, I was very excited to see the new X1 unveiled at CES 2014.  A little background: I was issued an X1C accidentally when everyone else was being issued mainly T-series and the random L-series or X-series other than the X1.  Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I gladly accepted.  Just based on form-factor alone, it looked like the perfect notebook for me.  I spend a decent amount of my time traveling and presenting in front of moderately-sized groups. However, there were some immediate growing pains that I had to overcome.  In order to shrink a very capable notebook to this size, one must sacrifice certain things: An optical drive – No big deal.  It’s a dying medium, anyway, right? VGA/DVI/HDMI outputs – I am constantly using multiple displays or a projector, but I’ll just make do with the miniDP port, I suppose. Ethernet – Wireless is where it’s at, and well, it did come with a USB-to-Ethernet dongle in case I absolutely must use it (albeit at USB 2.0 speeds). Smart Card Reader – Well that kind of sucks, but I always use a USB card reader, I guess. Furthermore, there are only two USB ports on the older X1—one 2.0 and one 3.0.  So with one always occupied with a smart card reader (partially pictured on the left, above), and one occupied with a wireless mouse...

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ThinkPad 8 comfortably at home in the Tablet 2 Bluetooth Keyboard

ThinkPad 8 comfortably at home in the Tablet 2 Bluetooth Keyboard

Every once in a while something happens that we didn’t plan for and it turns out to be a positive. I like to refer to this as a “happy accident”. Bob Ross, host of the popular public television series "The Joy of Painting," was also a fan of this phenomenon. He was the master of turning a seemingly misguided slip of the brush into positives like a picturesque knot-hole on a gnarly old oak tree.  The end result was usually more interesting than what he had intended. For a listing of the top 25 happy accidents click here. “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.”  Bob Ross Our newly announced ThinkPad 8 tablet is a great product with accessories like the Quickshot smart cover and a forthcoming protective case. We did not, however, design an accessory keyboard specifically for the product. Keyboards have a pretty hefty development price tag and the predicted sales volumes were not so high. A Tablet 8 dedicated keyboard accessory just didn’t make the cut. Portrait or landscape, the choice is yours Interestingly enough, my design team discovered something along the lines of a happy accident for the new ThinkPad 8 tablet. It fits perfectly in the trough of the ThinkPad Tablet 2 Bluetooth Keyboard....

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Selfie taken with the Quickshot feature in the Lenovo men's room mirror  : )

Selfie taken with the Quickshot feature in the Lenovo men's room mirror : )

Technical specifications are important when we develop new products. They must have the right combination of battery life, ports, memory configurations, weight, screen size/resolution, and of course processor performance. This has been true for years within the computer industry. At Lenovo there will always be lots of technical wizards working on this stuff. In a rapidly changing tech world, people also demand an emotionally satisfying user experience. When my team was creating the design of the ThinkPad 8, we expended significant energy shaping such an experience.  During the design concept phase we focused a lot of our attention on trying to develop a feature that would elicit a positive emotional response. We brainstormed for days working in small tiger teams looking for the right stuff. We talked about supporting multi-mode functionality with innovative stand, ensuring the tablet was narrow enough to be held comfortably with one hand, and the importance of overall fit and finish. After much debate and study, we ultimately decided we needed to do those things well, but we also needed something new. It was time to invent. We thought there might be a way to create something that would simplify the photo- taking experience. Due to its portability, the ThinkPad 8 actually makes a great camera. I personally hate trying to take photos with a larger tablet, they’re just too unwieldy to use quickly or discreetly. Seeing people take photos on large tablets...

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Guest blog by Ryan Freeman, Communications Advisor, Global Services, Internal Communications. A premium 8 inch tablet constructed of machine-cut aluminum, the compact ThinkPad 8 comes equipped with the technologies professionals need to be successful. It caters to those who want a more portable device without sacrificing the ability to connect to a keyboard and display for a full PC experience. Use it in Tablet Mode on the go. Connect it to the optional keyboard base, dock or monitor for Desktop Mode. Or flip its optional Quickshot Cover over the tablet to convert into Tent Mode. The ThinkPad 8 brings professional, versatile and fun together in one tablet In addition, it allows users to capture photos and videos intuitively and easily with the Quickshot cover. Users just peel back the tablet’s cover to expose the 8 MP high definition camera, triggering the camera app to open. Once captured, users can view and edit their photos and videos on the super bright 8.3 inch 1920x1200 display and transfer them wirelessly using Miracast technology or view them via a cable using its microHDMI port. Supporting a full PC experience, ThinkPad 8 is armed with the latest Intel Bay Trail Quad Core processor, up to 128GB of storage, a microUSB 3.0 port, LTE connectivity and a full Windows8 Pro experience for professional needs. First Look here:  

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