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As you head to Accelerate 2014 this week, think about the smartphone, tablet or desktop you carry with you. Think about how important those devices are, and how it would affect you if you broke or lost of one of them. In recent years, with our increased reliance on cloud computing, we’ve been led to believe the hardware is not that important. All that matters is the data. But what if you have just taken some photos or written a new report that you didn’t back up before the device malfunctioned or got lost? You certainly wouldn’t question the importance of the hardware then. We all carry unique data in our devices that we want to keep safe and secure. It’s easier to do that if the devices used to store the data are durable and dependable. The quality of the hardware is quintessential to our satisfaction and happiness with the device. You’ve told us you want device diversity and innovation, and we will show our commitment to both. While our competitors change their minds on what platforms and devices to support, we have been busy assembling a diverse portfolio of devices to address the needs and preferences of all end users. Our growing portfolio includes servers, workstations, desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and convertible PCs that combine tablet and notebook features. As our business partners, you can leverage the diversity in our portfolio to consult with customers and help them match devices to the specific needs...

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Thinkpad Shortcut

Thinkpad Shortcut

Lenovo's Thinkpad keyboard shortcuts save you time. Browse now to increase your efficiency with shortcuts for display, navigation, playback, lighting & more. Share this infographic using the embed code below: <a href="|574106&"><img src="" alt="Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts" width="600" height="849" /> </a>

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When I ask people what they look for in a laptop, they usually list portability, screen size, processor speed, memory. But one thing I rarely hear is that the laptop should not overheat. Now I know you’re thinking - that’s not really a surprise. The cooling tech isn’t exactly a visible feature. That’s a shame because without good cooling and venting a laptop is probably not as well put together on the inside as it is on the outside. You can have the latest laptop, but if it overheats it simply isn’t going run well or last long enough. Today’s laptops allow you to work almost anywhere. They’re always on and are great for productivity and for personal entertainment, but have you thought about what might be happening to it on the inside? Smaller and thinner means there’s less room for air to circulate inside the laptop. If you put it down on the couch or some other soft surface, there’s a decent chance the vents will be obstructed and it will overheat. The perils of overheating Overheating can cause serious problems. It can damage many of the key internal components, including the processor, battery, and hard drive. In fact, running at high temperatures for long periods of time can lead to drive failure and even permanent data loss. Hard drive failure rates increase between 20% and 30% for every 10 degrees above recommended operating temperatures, while operating a drive below the recommended...

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We make the tools, you make them DO

We make the tools, you make them DO

As the #1 PC maker in the world, Lenovo's devices are with you anywhere you go. Explore this infographic and see how our devices are used in everyday life. *Click to enlarge Share this infographic using the embed code below: <a href="|574106&"><img src="" alt="Lenovo Devices: Computer, Laptop, Ultrabook, PC and Tablet" width="600" height="1868" /> </a>

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Guest blog by Stephen Miller, Lenovo Ambassador and SMB champion In many ways, there have never been better opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to grow. Globalization means potential customers don’t have to live near a company’s facilities or even within the same country. Fewer market barriers and better communication options mean it is easier than ever to reach a worldwide audience, collaborate with far-flung co-workers and generally expand the boundaries of the business. The rise of social media has helped bring customers closer, while opening new marketing opportunities. Social platforms allow businesses to be more targeted and effective in their communications, and enable SMBs to interact directly and immediately with customers. At the same time, smart connected devices like tablets and smartphones make social media interactions easier than ever. Expensive office space is no longer an absolute requirement. The growth of smart devices and cloud computing enables employees to run business applications and access work-related files anytime, anywhere. Today it is possible for remote workers to be productive virtually anywhere in the world. The big question is, “How do SMBs take best advantage of the highly-connected mobile workforce and the ability to interact with customers in an instant?” One answer is to leverage 3 emerging technologies that are fast becoming must-haves for today’s successful SMBs....

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