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Thank heaven for Accidental Damage Protection (ADP).  If you’re like me, and your white shirt is a marinara magnet, you can trip over nothing, or you drop EVERYTHING….than ADP will definitely come in handy for you. You and your Lenovo notebook cozy at Starbucks?  Let’s hope you’ve protected it from that double tall non-fat no-foam latte that’s bound to spill on that perfect keyboard.  We’ve had LOTS of questions on ADP, so here’s the skinny: What is Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)?  ADP provides coverage for non-warranted damage such as drops, bumps, spills, & electrical surges that occur during normal laptop usage.  It covers damage to components installed on your system at the time of purchase, optional features installed by Lenovo at the time of purchase, and any other components that Lenovo includes as a standard feature with the system.    When Can I Buy It? ADP is available as an upgrade on tablet and notebook systems at the time of system purchase, or if you had a brain fade and didn’t get it initially than you have up to 90 days.  However, if you decide to upgrade after the date of system purchase, there’s a 30 day waiting period before you can file any claims under the ADP agreement. What’s covered versus not covered? We get a lot of questions in this area. ADP is not a “bumper to bumper” service that covers absolutely any...

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It happens every day.  A customer calls into our help centers and finds out that his system needs a repair that is not covered by warranty.  Perhaps the warranty has expired.  Perhaps the system sustained accidental damage and was not covered under our Accidental Damage Protection Service. In any case, the customer is faced with buying a replacement part and is told how much that part + labor (if Lenovo is performing the work) will cost.  The next reaction is predictable and follow’s Kubler-Ross’ famous five steps. You must have put the wrong part number in.  Check again. Why does this part cost so much?  You guys are ripping me off Please oh please make an exception for me! I should have never bought this crummy model Fine.  Take my credit card and send me the part. While we can’t act as your psychiatrist, we can at least help you understand why spare parts may cost more than something generic you can find on Amazon.  When you buy parts from Lenovo, you’re buying an original, genuine part that has been regression tested with your particular model of machine.  This testing is performed during our initial development and continues through the life of the system as we receive warranty parts back and test for ongoing defects.  We guarantee that the replacement part you...

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We’ve had lots of questions recently about International Warranty Service (IWS), what systems are eligible, what’s included, how to find out more, etc..  So, here are a few hints and tips to confirm whether you’re covered the next time you travel with your ThinkPad.  What is International Warranty Service (IWS)? IWS lets you receive Warranty Service for eligible Lenovo Think systems when you travel or relocate to a country where that product is sold and serviced.  The length of coverage is based on the length of your original base warranty, but the method or level of service (depot, onsite, carry-in) may be different.  There are certain countries that may require a proof of purchase or proof of proper importation before you can receive an IWS service and there may be fees or restrictions that apply when and if you need IWS.  Indonesia Malaysia Phillippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam China Argentina How can I determine if my machine is eligible for IWS? You can check out whether your system is eligible, find contact information and country coverage at: Upon providing your machine type or series number, identify the country of interest and call the contact number provided to initiate IWS service for your machine.  What’s covered versus...

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Lenovo’s ThinkCentre division has recently donated a number of desktop systems to the United Foundation for Children’s Healthcare (UFCH), a Beijing based non-profit charity in support of UFCH’s mission to “provide medical care for abandoned and orphaned children and give them a chance for a normal life”.  For more than 12 years, UFCH has managed medical programs to provide this desperately needed care. In particular, UFCH partners with United Family Healthcare’s team of experienced doctors and nurses to provide these disadvantaged children with free quality medical care. Once the children have received medical care, UFCH helps place the healed children in new homes and safer environments.  Lenovo’s donation included four ThinkCentre M-series towers and one ThinkCentre Edge 92z All-in-One PC.  The PCs also included six ThinkVision LT-series monitors, encompassing

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Who says education should be only for those who can afford it? Education should be made available to anyone in the world and that was just what the team from the Nobelity Project did along with support from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices).  The Nobelity Project, an education and action nonprofit organization, was founded by Turk and Christy Pipkin in 2005 to make movies that make a difference. They collaborate with Nobel Laureates and other inspiring leaders to create films that motivate and bring people awareness, moving them to action. The Nobelity Project started by constructing a small rain water collection system and a few OLPC’s (One Laptop Per Child) at Mahiga Hope High School and Primary in Kenya, Africa. This snowballed into building more classrooms, a new kitchen and dining hall, a library and science and computer labs with help and sponsorship from donors as well as companies such as Nike and AMD. In May 2012, AMD sponsored about 15 AMD-powered Lenovo ThinkCentre M77 PCs to Mahiga Hope Secondary School for their computer lab. Lenovo is proud to be chosen by AMD and we’re happy to know that our ThinkCentre M77 is giving the children in Mahiga Hope Secondary School a chance to Do. And where there is an opportunity to Do, there is Hope. For more information about The Nobelity Project: Mahiga Hope High School and Primary, please click here:

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