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Lenovo’s ThinkCentre division has recently donated a number of desktop systems to the United Foundation for Children’s Healthcare (UFCH), a Beijing based non-profit charity in support of UFCH’s mission to “provide medical care for abandoned and orphaned children and give them a chance for a normal life”.  For more than 12 years, UFCH has managed medical programs to provide this desperately needed care. In particular, UFCH partners with United Family Healthcare’s team of experienced doctors and nurses to provide these disadvantaged children with free quality medical care. Once the children have received medical care, UFCH helps place the healed children in new homes and safer environments.  Lenovo’s donation included four ThinkCentre M-series towers and one ThinkCentre Edge 92z All-in-One PC.  The PCs also included six ThinkVision LT-series monitors, encompassing

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Who says education should be only for those who can afford it? Education should be made available to anyone in the world and that was just what the team from the Nobelity Project did along with support from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices).  The Nobelity Project, an education and action nonprofit organization, was founded by Turk and Christy Pipkin in 2005 to make movies that make a difference. They collaborate with Nobel Laureates and other inspiring leaders to create films that motivate and bring people awareness, moving them to action. The Nobelity Project started by constructing a small rain water collection system and a few OLPC’s (One Laptop Per Child) at Mahiga Hope High School and Primary in Kenya, Africa. This snowballed into building more classrooms, a new kitchen and dining hall, a library and science and computer labs with help and sponsorship from donors as well as companies such as Nike and AMD. In May 2012, AMD sponsored about 15 AMD-powered Lenovo ThinkCentre M77 PCs to Mahiga Hope Secondary School for their computer lab. Lenovo is proud to be chosen by AMD and we’re happy to know that our ThinkCentre M77 is giving the children in Mahiga Hope Secondary School a chance to Do. And where there is an opportunity to Do, there is Hope. For more information about The Nobelity Project: Mahiga Hope High School and Primary, please click here:

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Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 PCs Start 40% Faster With RapidBoot Technology

Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 PCs Start 40% Faster With RapidBoot Technology

With the recent announcement of the Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3, it’s a great time for me to provide some additional information – to expand upon the news with background, a little more detail, and (hopefully) interesting tidbits from a behind-the-scenes perspective. EE3 was heavily influenced by the success of EE2 and all the feedback we received after its release.  We demonstrated our ability to shatter boot expectations and our ecosystem testing showed Lenovo PCs were, on average, the fastest available.  The most common responses were “that’s great but…” 1)      What about modestly configured systems (i.e. non-SSD)? or 2)      What happens in a few months after I’ve used it, won’t it slow down? We took this feedback and made sure to focus on addressing it in order to better satisfy our customers.  This meant ensuring that any improvements would span across the breadth of our product portfolio, especially rotational HDD-only PCs (still the largest volume configuration), and continue to work – even thrive – over time. RapidBoot in EE3 exists as two sub-technologies: 1)     ...

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There's always that scene in zombie movies where you think the carnage is over and the good guys have finally prevailed. But just as the dust begins to settle, a hand pops up through the ground and the shrieking begins again. This image always comes to my mind when I read about the alleged death of the desktop PC--a legion of laptops and tablets can batter the staid desktop but its death has surely been exaggerated. Is it possible that the traditional desktop design--go ahead, say it, the boring old tower--is going the way of the dinosaur? Who knows. But to focus on that is to miss the point, to miss all the excitement and the design breakthroughs that are happening in this space. So now, let's roll tape on The Ultimate Desktop-As-Zombie Movie, the one where the monsters mutate and turn into another beast entirely. We present three magificent reasons desktops aren't done fighting. 1: IdeaCentre A720 all-in-one: In a word, droolworthy. Massive yet slim, 10-finger touch capability and a design that lets you stand it up, lie it down or split the difference--it comes off like an enormous 27-inch tablet. Could well prove to be the blueprint for family gaming in the 21st century.   2: ThinkCentre Tiny: A 1-litre mini PC (but still full-featured) designed for our large...

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Like most people, I want to live a greener lifestyle.  Unfortunately it is hard to sort through the countless green certifications surrounding consumer electronics.  That is why we at Lenovo have partnered once again with TÜV Rheinland, the leading ICT third party inspection firm by volume of certifications, to certify our newest ThinkCentre M92z and ThinkVision LT2323z under the “Green Product Mark”.  The Green Mark promotes eco-friendly products by delivering customer guidance to identifying green and sustainable products in an extremely crowded market place.  Green Mark verifies that electronic products like the ThinkCentre M92z meet the best in class parameters for energy efficiency, toxic components, recycled materials use and product carbon footprint. These new Green Mark products ensure the sustainability and environmental friendliness under a trusted certification.  In the process of achieving Green Mark certification, the ThinkCentre M92z needed to meet a...

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