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Guest blog by Ryan Freeman, Communications Advisor, Global Services, Internal Communications. Lenovo’s first Android home computer, the Lenovo N308, presents an affordable AIO desktop for those multimedia mavens who love apps, entertainment and web browsing. The N308 makes an ideal companion for enjoying media and accessing apps as part of a user’s family of Android devices including tablets and smartphones. The All-New Lenovo N308 Android All-In-One Starting at $450 and available in black or white, the 19.5-in 1600X900 touchscreen desktop gives users everything they need to enjoy their favorite content. Running the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, the N308 comes with an NVIDIA Tegra® quad core processor, up to 500 GB hard drive storage, a 720p webcam and WiFi. Easily move this 1.3-in thin AIO around the home or office as a super-sized tablet with its full-size keyboard and mouse and up to three hours of battery life with its integrated battery. Additionally, users can adjust the N308’s stand to lay the device flat for an easier angle to navigate the touchscreen and even play games.

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Flex 20 is a premium AIO for the home Framed in an attractive 20.5mm thin aluminum shell, the compact Flex 20 fits neatly into virtually any home or office yet surpasses expectations for an everyday AIO with its grand 19.5-inch frameless HD (1600X900) IPS 90° tilt display, 500 GB HD or SSHD storage and up to Intel Core i7 processors. However, Flex 20 really surprises and delights with its special ability to convert from stand to table mode. When flat in table mode, the Aura interface, first pioneered on the Lenovo Horizon Table PC, opens for a multi-game, multi-player experience like no other. In this mode, users can challenge others to play games, including preloaded ones like Ubisoft’s Raiding Company, those available for purchase from the Lenovo App Store powered by Intel App Up and newly created custom Lenovo games including Omnitapps Media Puzzle Pack for making fun video puzzles and Omnitapps Educational Suite with a series of memory and learning games along with other Lenovo games like Fishing Joy, Air Hockey and Roulette. The dual mode Flex 20 provides even more entertainment value with its special physical accessories (sold separately) - joysticks, strikers and e-dice – that allow up to four players to interact directly with the digital games, or players can use the 10-point multitouch screen. The Aura interface functions as a highly collaborative tool for multi-media content enhanced with its Dolby Home Theatre v4 audio. Unlike...

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Lenovo IdeaCentre A520

Lenovo IdeaCentre A520

We invited our Lenovo Advocate, Jason Palaszewski, to review the IdeaCentre A520. Jason grew up in rural North-Central New Jersey and has been interested in technology for as long ago as he can remember. His first experience with Lenovo dates back to his Undergraduate school years. One of his friends had a Lenovo ThinkPad R61i at the time, and it was love at first point and type. Since then he has owned two Lenovo machines, a G555 and a ThinkPad Edge E420, and both continue to work and DO perfectly to this day. He also has a passion for exotic cars, making YouTube videos, PC gaming, electric guitar, building, overclocking, and giving advice on computers and smartphones, and modding Android devices. INTRODUCTION The very moment you take the Lenovo IdeaCentre A520 out of its large box is the same moment you realize that you certainly just got yourself a truly awesome and fantastically versatile machine. After a few weeks of use, the same excellent workmanship, build quality, and versatility I experienced on day one is still consistently apparent during every second of use. This all-in-one is a serious contender for anyone looking for the at-home general purpose Windows 8 AIO PC with a nice, large 23” display that isn’t too enormous, but is still quite roomy. As we’ll see though, this is definitely not your average AIO. I like to think of it as an AIO with a twist, or shall we say, a tilt, making it fantastic for people (at times more than...

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The home of the future looks – in one word, “integrated.” More so than ever before, traditional home design and technology are fused. We’re seeing it now with smart refrigerators and washers, but soon, furniture will fuse with PCs, like the Horizon PC in the AT-UM Table – part desk, part easel and part stand. You can catch a glimpse of tomorrow’s home today at trend innovation company, PSFK’s Future of Home Living Exhibit, in New York City at Stonehenge’s new 101 building in Chelsea.  The brainchild of PSFK’s Future of Home Living Report, the exhibit brings together many cool futuristic design concepts and tech products for urban living, including the Nest Thermostat and Hapifork, a Bluetooth-enabled eating utensil. Lenovo’s own IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC will be in the AT-UM table from UM Project’s Francois Chambard. In May, we showcased the possibilities for integrated design at the 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) by teaming...

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Judson's Treehouse Horizon Table

Judson's Treehouse Horizon Table

As a designer, Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs always looks to bend the lines, producing out-of-the-box pieces that are unexpected and add whimsy to any environment. So when Lenovo approached the creator about putting his touch on creating new opportunities for the IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC, his mind took him to the tree tops. Here’s a glimpse at what sparked his imagination.  Q. How did you get the idea for the 21st Century Treehouse? A. When I first thought about creating a table for the Horizon, I designed many different styles based on various age groups. Some of those original designs included adult versions, however, I am more known for children’s furniture so I was inspired to do a design for kids. With technology progressing, I was thinking about designing daycare centers, libraries and furniture that would allow children to interact, play and learn in these settings. The question I kept asking myself is “how can I create something that will intrigue them?” It’s great because the design of the 21st Century Treehouse also works as storage with the door leading to an empty space to keep toys, books and anything else. Function is just as important as design aesthetics and the storage space can also serve as an imaginary play area. Q. Do you see the integration of technology and furniture becoming a trend, especially as there are more devices for specific...

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