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Guest blog by Ryan Freeman, Communications Advisor, Global Services, Internal Communications. Lenovo’s first personal cloud storage device, Beacon, allows users to easily store and share multimedia via their PC or mobile device in the home or remotely. Using the downloadable Android app created for Beacon, users can even turn their Android smartphone into a remote control for the Personal Cloud Storage Device. "As people adopt more and more devices and they continue to build vast libraries of photos, videos, movies and games, we all need to have a way to easily access all this content across our devices," said Jun Ouyang, vice president and general manager, desktop business unit, Lenovo Business Group. "Lenovo Beacon Home Cloud Center helps you do that by becoming the digital hub that all your devices tie into, interacting with your smartphone, PC and tablet." Perfect for families or those who want to access their media library on the go, the Beacon personal cloud storage device lets users store and play their media from anywhere using their smartphone, PC, tablet or TV. Easier to use than NAS-storage type devices, Beacon lets users upload files either wirelessly or via an onboard USB connection with just the press of one button.Users can seamlessly access files around the home or on-the-go, and Beacon’s secure access rights make it a great device to share with multiple users. Beacon makes it simple for users to capture and relive memories...

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Lenovo ThinkServer

Lenovo ThinkServer

The demos are ready to go and the equipment is on its way to San Francisco, as Lenovo heads out to VMworld next week!  Lenovo is a Silver sponsor and we’ll be showcasing ThinkServer’s performance benefits and our truly open validated architecture for your demanding virtualized infrastructure and Cloud Ready Datacenter.   Some of the solutions in our booth (#2105) will include: • vSphere with Operations Management on ThinkServer • Healthcare Applications (PACs) on VMware  • Stoneware webNetwork • ThinkServer and Lenovo|EMC Storage Display • VSPEX Validated Infrastructure Lenovo continues to build its relationship with VMware, and after an exciting new announcement on Monday, we’ll be participating in some great speaking sessions:  • Virtualization and Converged Infrastructure Solutions (TEX6388): In this session you will learn more about how the vSphere Operations Management is run on ThinkServer to help quickly resolve common issues found on your converged infrastructure. • How to Build a Highly Scalable and Truly Open Infrastructure (STP 1023):...

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Did you hear about the announcement today at the Red Hat Summit that Lenovo is part of the Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network?  At Lenovo, we’re very excited about this.  What it means is that OpenStack, an open source platform for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), will leverage Lenovo’s ThinkServer product line for compute and virtualization. It also means Lenovo has taken the next step in ThinkServer’s open philosophy and “Cloud-Ready” architecture to provide customers more choice with individual stack components, including virtualization, storage, and network technologies. Two critical attributes of a successful cloud infrastructure is that it’s easily managed, and flexible.   Lenovo’s “Cloud-Ready” philosophy is to help customers easily deploy a platform that provides an automated and scalable infrastructure.   Together, ThinkServer, Red Hat and OpenStack will help organizations quickly move not only to a flexible and open platform, but a more cost-effective private cloud environment. To find out more about the OpenStack announcement, visit:  

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Tablet, PC, phone, and TV. You probably use at least two of those devices, if not all four, on a daily basis.  Most Apps on any of these devices requires a unique login every time you use it.  Coupled with this multiple logins is the difference in experience and user preferences from device to device.  Not all user information/content transfers from the PC to the tablet. Some information/content is present on the tablet, but not on the phone. Or there is the trick of emailing yourself files just to make sure you have access to them on every device. All in all, it’s a disjointed experience and by the end of the week you’ve put more time and energy into managing how you use the device than being able to simply enjoy the experience and get things done. To solve some of these problems and simplify your digital life, Lenovo developed the consumer cloud technology called Lenovo Reach.  It’s a single cloud powered application that lets you access your web based services, files, and information on any device with a single login. Lenovo Reach is the same interface and login no matter what device you are using. It’s a consistent, seamless experience that eases the disjointed experience.  It provides 5GB of free cloud storage and is compatible on devices with Microsoft Windows 7 or 8, Google Andriod, and iOS operating systems across Lenovo and non-Lenovo devices....

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ThinkServer RD330

ThinkServer RD330

Now where was that...? Staring at my laptop screen, I seem to ask that question more and more these days.  I know it’s mostly because of the amount of data we seem to need access to, but I can’t help wondering if my age is starting to factor into it too (but that’s a different problem). Today, businesses both small and large need to access more data - in private clouds, public clouds or your own device,  and often with different interfaces to the information, and IT organizations need to provide access to all this information…many requiring their own logins and passwords of varying degrees of strength – it’s amazing we can get anything done. Lenovo is now delivering a solution to address all this.  Recently, Lenovo acquired Stoneware, Inc.  A company with innovative technology that makes the complex environment of cloud computing much simpler.  What’s great about this is that a single web-based interface with a single password gets you to all your business applications.  In addition, when working from home many companies also require a VPN – with this solution, no VPN is required.  Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer supports any device from any location, you can access your business information from a laptop, tablet or even your phone – and the interface is one we are all familiar with – an internet browser....

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