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Lenovo Mice Size Comparison Top View

Lenovo Mice Size Comparison Top View

As a society, we tend to focus on the big things in life – looking forward to the big sporting events, holidays, and life events. It takes a level of skillfulness to appreciate the smaller things around us. I think the same is true when it comes to our technology. We focus on the system, but after you have the best system, what’s next? We all use accessories to accomplish our day-to-day tasks and one that can be easily overlooked is the mouse. A long time ago I started to use the ThinkPad Travel mouse (PN 31P7410) and have been using it for years.  It gave me good portability when traveling and it did not take up space on my desk – I actually find it to be a rather cute footprint on the desk. Outside of its “curb appeal,” I really do enjoy the backlit scroll wheel. I think it is a nice Think design element and compliments my system. For me it works, but others want something bigger.   In Europe - where my origins are – it is all about ergonomics. A lot of European customers prefer large mice; comfortable and ergonomic. Like Lenovo USB Optical mouse (PN 06P4069).  This is a great mouse for the office, especially for desktops or...

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I always get some of my best blog material by looking at my desk. To paint a picture, I take advantage of most of the accessories created for my think system. I should clarify, that makes my workspace very clean and easy to use. My desk, as a whole, that is a separate story! One of the accessories I want to reflect on today is the stand alone numeric keypad – Numpad. On my Windows PC, I type with both an English keyboard layout as well as a Czech one. The Czech keyboard has, in the sixth row of keys, Czech national characters and not the numbers. So when I need to type numbers, I have to switch the language in Windows to English, type the numbers, and then switch back. Doing that in Excel is a bit complicated as numbers are used quite often. Most people can live with a regular keyboard on a notebook. But, some people are using a numeric keypad – Numpad – on a regular basis. Couple of examples: • Like me – people with modified keyboard layout • Gamers – need numeric keypad as they need more keys for specific actions in games or simply using additional multidirectional arrows to move or navigate in games • People who often type numbers – accountants or professional users • CAD/CAM users Very specific users also need a numeric keypad because number keys on numeric keyboards do have different scancodes. This means if you hit “5” key on top row of the keyboard it is sending a slightly...

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As the most energy efficient ThinkCentre that is as slim as a golf ball, the new ThinkCentre Tiny has been big news lately.  Despite its small form factor, it packs a lot of power. With all of this in mind, how could Tiny become an even bigger deal? Add accessories. I was able to get my hands on the accessories that will be available for Tiny this summer and I wanted to give you a glimpse into the offerings. The Product Manager has decided to push the message Mount it and Store it to highlight how these big deal accessories enhance the Tiny system. Mount it with the ThinkCentre Tiny Monitor Mounting Kit (0B47096). The kit mounts securely to both LT2323z and L2323p. This kit includes a VESA mount to hold the system in place; an L-Bracket to attach to the mount and monitor; a U-clip to secure the mount; and an Adapter cage. This option is available now. Mount it with the ThinkCentre Underdesk Mount. Here you have an option to increase desk space by mounting your Tiny under your desk. Note that the Underdesk mount (0B47097) will not be available until mid-August. Store it with the Storage Unit Kit (0A65637). The kit includes a storage unit – where you can add an additional HDD  (0A65638) or DVD ROM (0A65640)/ DVD Burner (0A65639) – sold separately; USB Cable, and VESA mount. The below photo shows the storage unit with a HDD. This will be available July 12....

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I’m originally from Europe – you can imagine the number of languages. Our EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) has more than 60 countries and a lot more languages. For all of our customers in EMEA we have 28 keyboard layouts. We provide multiple keyboard layouts to make sure all of you have best user experience with our keyboards and systems no matter how large or small the country. Below is an image of two common layouts - one with a small Enter and one with a large Enter. The image on the Left is a U.S. keyboard with the smaller Enter key. The image on the Right is a UK version with the larger Enter key. The layout of the keyboard is determined by the language and in this instance, the difference is the region. All U.S. keyboards have a small enter. Given the portfolio of keyboards and number of languages, it is not easy to manage such complexity. Some keyboards are more popular and are easy to project demand. Some are small volume, specialized keyboards – Fingerprint keyboard, ThinkPad keyboard, Smartcard reader keyboard. How do we know how many to print and in which layout or language? Our solution - we bring blank keyboards to Europe and we print them “on demand”.  It is more efficient and it is also faster. Within Europe, the logistics do not take up much time so you can often get the keyboard in one or two business days after you order it - in the language you prefer. Most of the world demand can be covered...

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USB 3.0 Dock (0A33970)

USB 3.0 Dock (0A33970)

Today, Lenovo announces a product that is a remarkably small form factor with a stylish design. The ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock (0A33970) is created with exceptional engineering and contains a custom Lenovo dual-PCB solution in order to achieve a 40% height reduction. However, it does not sacrifice speed and function for its compact size. The ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock is 10x faster than USB 2.0 with 5x USB 3.0. I can talk about its premium ThinkPad styling and proven compatibility with ThinkPad, but I will let the following video explain the details of design instead.     For our International friends, here are the WW PNs (0A33971 EU, 0A33972 UK, 0A33973 China, 0A33974 Korea, 0A33975 ANZ, 0A33976 South Africa, 0A33977 Argentina, 0A33978 Brazil, 0A33979 Japan, 0A33980 Denmark, 0A33981 India, 0A65736 Switzerland, 0A65737 Italy, 0A65738 Israel, 0A65739 Taiwan)    

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