Lenovo Companion App

Lenovo Companion App

The new version of the Lenovo Companion app is here! Come see why it is the go-to destination for everything related to your Lenovo system. We listened when you told us you wanted to be able to manage everything related to your Lenovo system in one place. And we couldn’t agree more. We know there’s nothing more frustrating than having to visit several different websites, forums and blogs to get the information you need. Now, with the new version of Companion, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. We did the hard work for you and put everything about your Lenovo system in one place. So, here are the top five reasons on why you should update to the new version of the Companion app. Top 5 Reasons 1.     Consolidation = Simplification The new version of Companion combines both Lenovo Support and Lenovo Companion apps together. Think of it as the best of both apps in one. Plus, a few extras like the ability to check the status of your warranty. Not sure how much time you have left on your system warranty? Companion will tell you exactly how many days you have remaining before you need to get an extension or upgrade. And, when it’s time to upgrade, you can do that directly from the app too. We know it’s the small things that count. 2.     Monitor system performance and...

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On July 27, Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon, China's first 3D animated feature film produced by Mili Pictures, was first released in the Saga Cinema (Solana Beijing).The film produced by Disney’s gold producer Bill Borden, along with Hollywood animation creators and China’s top ranked animation teams eventually built up the most expensive and sophisticated blockbuster in China’s animated film history. As the partner of Mili Pictures IT infrastructure, Lenovo has provided exclusive IT technical support with ThinkStation workstations for Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon, and shouldered the computer graphic animation production, turning artistic inspirations into reality with reliable performance. "Since the launch of Lenovo ThinkStation workstation in 2008, it has been widely recognized by customers for its innovative and premium products, and its performance has spiked up in China in the last 19 quarters. At the end of 2013, Lenovo ThinkStation took 32.8% of the market share in China. We will prioritize the DCC field this year. Without a doubt, the cooperation with Mili Pictures will enhance the leadership of Lenovo ThinkStation in the DCC field. Also, we expect that the innovation via the synergy of technology and art will boost the internationalization of domestic animated film industry.” the PC Product Marketing General Manager in VIP Customer Department of Lenovo China, Wang Liping remarked. The CTO of Mili Pictures...

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Have you heard anyone say the amount of data they need to store is going down?  No?  Me neither. In fact, data available for business use is growing exponentially. To remain competitive, businesses must evaluate differentiated storage strategies to ensure collected data can be cost effectively stored and analyzed. With traditional centralized storage systems, the architecture uses a single controller head in a frame that provides access to tens or hundreds of drives. When the single controller becomes a bottleneck, or the maximum number of drives in the frame has been reached, it’s both costly and disruptive to upgrade. Using a software-defined storage architecture is another way to design a storage system. This trending model uses a software layer to aggregate distributed direct-attached storage (DAS), which is normally captive to the server. Examples of this at the OS layer are Microsoft Windows Server Storage Spaces and VMware vSphere with vSAN.  Benefits of distributed DAS architectures include lower acquisition costs through purchase of standardized hardware and pay-as-you-grow scalability.  Server hardware is an important consideration in distributed data solutions. Key attributes of a server used in these solutions are storage density with varied performance choices, plus robust network capability.  For more information, see the

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In this edition of the Lenovo ThinkServer blog, we wanted to shed some light on how Lenovo servers and workstations are being deployed for the high-performance computing (HPC) industry. Joining me in this discussion is Vertical Marketing Manager, Chris McCoy, from the Lenovo ThinkStation team. Edgar: Hi Chris, can you tell us a bit about your work experience and how you see Lenovo ThinkStation fitting into the key verticals you manage? Also, do you see synergies with Lenovo ThinkServer? Chris: Hey Edgar, it’s a pleasure to be here with you. To answer the first part of your question, I joined the Lenovo ThinkStation product team about 18 months ago. Prior to coming to Lenovo, I spent more than 15 years working for global IT solution providers in both the private and public sectors. Lenovo has made tremendous investments in ThinkStation product engineering and critical technology partner alliances to devise, test and implement various hardware and software technologies in an effort to improve workflow and system performance as well as platform efficiencies. We do this to ensure that we’re designing and building platforms that can be tuned and configured to support very specific workflows across a very wide spectrum of customers, in industries such as Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Architecture, Medical and Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment and the Energy Sector. To answer the second part of your question, in Lenovo, servers and...

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Iris Classon, Windows 8 developer and our new Lenovo Developer Expert

Iris Classon, Windows 8 developer and our new Lenovo Developer Expert

She was given a  Microsoft MVP Award, has developed a slew of Windows 8 apps and even co-authored a book. And she loves extreme sports as well. Meet Iris Classon, one of our latest Lenovo forum users, who will be helping us out in our Windows 8 app developer boards. Iris is a sought-after developer conference speaker, writer, blogger, Microsoft C# MVP and member of MEET (Microsoft Extended Experts Team) with a tremendous passion for programming. She has had a remarkable career path that proves that nothing is impossible- switching from being a licensed and registered clinical dietician to a software developer with a dozen certifications and a full time developer job with renowned companies. She has been featured in several newspaper articles, online articles and podcasts such as Hanselminutes, Computer Sweden and Developer Magazine. As a frequently sought-after speaker at conferences such as TechDays, Scandinavian Developer Conference and various user groups, Iris is known for her unique, creative and uplifting presentation style. She is hosts the Get Up and Code! podcast, and in her spare time she does pro-bono work as a dietitian and is very engaged in the developer community. She also enjoys extreme sports such as barefoot running, mountain biking, weightlifting and scuba diving- and of course traveling. Recently Iris sat down...

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