GUEST BLOG BY Paul Scaini… Today, there are tons of options available to help extend a server’s life. If you’re like most small businesses, you’ve already taken advantage of the fact that servers last longer than ever. But, if you’ve reached the inevitable point where your server is just too old to keep up with your business and it’s time to upgrade, there are a few important things you need to consider when make a new server purchase. Upgrade before your server crashes and burns The average business will ideally update their servers every three- to three-and-a-half years, but many companies are pushing their servers and keeping them for four or more years.  By delaying a new server purchase, you not only risk slowing down your business, but you also risk… “knock on wood” a failure. Take advantage of new technology On top of the typical generational Intel CPU performance improvement of 10-20 percent per year, there are new technologies that you could be taking advantage of by updating your server. Memory and solid state drives, just to name a few, have made drastic improvements in speed and capacity and are significantly cheaper and use less power than they did since you last looked at purchasing a server. Consider what could be a cloudy future You’ve probably heard about all of these wonderful new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications online, such as Dropbox, and...

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LenovoEMC px4-400r

LenovoEMC px4-400r

GUEST BLOG BY Gregg Shupe… 10. Be green – Leverage drive spin-down and wake-on-LAN to power the storage only when you need it. 09. Lose weight – Shed pounds of ugly USB drives for centralized, high-capacity RAID-protected backup. 08. Virtualize it – LenovoEMC storage devices are HCL-certified with Citrix, VMware and Hyper-V hypervisors – two devices in one. 07. Relax – Use LenovoEMC Storage Connector for a one-click Windows 8.1 backup — without frustration. 06. Go global – LenovoEMC Personal Cloud enables data access from any internet-connected location in the world. 05. Take control – McAfee ePO lets corporate IT manage endpoint security. 04. Be popular – Use the Transmission Torrent app to get the latest videos and shows on your smart TV. 03. Sleep well – A backup copy of all data on LenovoEMC network storage improves peace of mind. 02. Save money – LenovoEMC shared storage costs far less per user than online storage. 01. Keep your shoes pretty – Save time/eliminate sneaker net/save shoe leather – sharing business data on LenovoEMC network storage eases information flow in and out of the office.

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Guest blog by Stephen Miller, Lenovo Ambassador and SMB champion In many ways, there have never been better opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to grow. Globalization means potential customers don’t have to live near a company’s facilities or even within the same country. Fewer market barriers and better communication options mean it is easier than ever to reach a worldwide audience, collaborate with far-flung co-workers and generally expand the boundaries of the business. The rise of social media has helped bring customers closer, while opening new marketing opportunities. Social platforms allow businesses to be more targeted and effective in their communications, and enable SMBs to interact directly and immediately with customers. At the same time, smart connected devices like tablets and smartphones make social media interactions easier than ever. Expensive office space is no longer an absolute requirement. The growth of smart devices and cloud computing enables employees to run business applications and access work-related files anytime, anywhere. Today it is possible for remote workers to be productive virtually anywhere in the world. The big question is, “How do SMBs take best advantage of the highly-connected mobile workforce and the ability to interact with customers in an instant?” One answer is to leverage 3 emerging technologies that are fast becoming must-haves for today’s successful SMBs....

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GUEST BLOG BY Justin Bandholz…Standard operating procedures have served IT administrators well for decades. The well-worn rules of thumb have enabled quick and low-risk decisions when sizing new deployments. What worked well in the past is carried forward and incrementally improved to accommodate new technologies and business needs. Incremental improvement is the foundation for good processes; however, by relying too much on incremental improvement, you risk over-optimizing for a particular way of doing business to the exclusion of better opportunities. Computing technology is advancing at an accelerated rate; and in many cases, these advancements have exceeded the technology needs of end users. For users on a budget, properly sizing equipment to actual requirements can result in significant operational and capital savings. A recent article on GIGAOM discusses how even with the broad adoption of virtualization, most servers are extremely underutilized. The article goes on to identify industry trends that will likely drive improvements in system utilization, but these trends will require longer-term architectural changes in your environment. It’s all about understanding your workloads and how those workloads drive server utilization. Using that understanding, you can develop requirements for right-sized or...

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5 Steps to Find the Best Convertible Laptop for You

5 Steps to Find the Best Convertible Laptop for You

Are you looking for a Convertible Laptop that fits your needs? Explore Lenovo's 5 steps to find the multimode device that is right for you. *Click to Enlarge Share this infographic using the embed code below: <a href=><img src="" alt="5 Steps to Find the Best Convertible Multimode Laptop for You." width="500" height="2286" /> </a>

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