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Guest blog by Stephen Miller, Lenovo Ambassador and SMB champion In many ways, there have never been better opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to grow. Globalization means potential customers don’t have to live near a company’s facilities or even within the same country. Fewer market barriers and better communication options mean it is easier than ever to reach a worldwide audience, collaborate with far-flung co-workers and generally expand the boundaries of the business. The rise of social media has helped bring customers closer, while opening new marketing opportunities. Social platforms allow businesses to be more targeted and effective in their communications, and enable SMBs to interact directly and immediately with customers. At the same time, smart connected devices like tablets and smartphones make social media interactions easier than ever. Expensive office space is no longer an absolute requirement. The growth of smart devices and cloud computing enables employees to run business applications and access work-related files anytime, anywhere. Today it is possible for remote workers to be productive virtually anywhere in the world. The big question is, “How do SMBs take best advantage of the highly-connected mobile workforce and the ability to interact with customers in an instant?” One answer is to leverage 3 emerging technologies that are fast becoming must-haves for today’s successful SMBs....

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ThinkStation D30 Workstation with 30

ThinkStation D30 Workstation with 30" Lenovo Monitor

Guest blog by Chris McCoy, Vertical Marketing Manager, ThinkStation The Lenovo ThinkStation brand has long been known for its superior performance and reliability in the Manufacturing, Financial, and Media and Entertainment industries. But did you know that Lenovo has been quietly working to support highly complex and robust workflows for some of the world’s largest Energy, Utility, and Oil & Gas companies? Today’s Oil & Gas companies have to work quickly and accurately to determine which leases hold vast amounts of precious petrochemicals and which are simply full of saltwater and nonporous rocks.  The gamble is huge. The stakes are high. And the software that Geologists and Geophysicists use to find these reservoirs have become highly robust and parallel. They often utilize numerous algorithms to process vast amounts of seismic and geological data in mere milliseconds.   The workstations that support these application workloads must scale far beyond a typical multi-core platform. They must be designed to support dozens of cores, up to 512GB of memory, the fastest storage and I/O technologies, as well as highly advanced Nvidia GPUs and co-processing technologies.  Over the last year, the Lenovo ThinkStation team has worked diligently with industry-leading exploration software companies (such as Schlumberger, Paradigm, TerraSpark and FFA) to test and certify Lenovo’s ThinkStation platforms to support these critical...

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ThinkStation workstations racked at Render Farm

ThinkStation workstations racked at Render Farm

While talking with a colleague, Allen Tang, Media and Entertainment Vertical Marketing Manager, I recently learned about an exciting ThinkStation customer relationship with Mili Pictures.  A growing animation movie & TV series production and training agency based in China, Mili Pictures is currently producing its first 3D animation movie Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon. What I found most intriguing about the relationship between Lenovo and Mili Pictures is the creation of the Mili Pictures Render Farm, a rendering cluster developed with Lenovo ThinkStation workstations. Mili Pictures is poised to make significant investments over the next several years and has an aggressive movie production schedule ahead of them. The company’s plans will call for completing movies, on average, within a six month time span. Therefore, it is critical that Mili Pictures minimizes workload related to operating, maintaining, and filing digital media assets. To fulfill this demand, Lenovo designed hardware systems for Mili Pictures that effectively manage their front-end visual designing, back-end rendering and production. This “farm” solution consists of 249 Lenovo ThinkStation workstations. Mili Pictures relies on the ThinkStation C30 for rendering, animation and post production, while the ThinkStation S30 and E31...

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It happens every day.  A customer calls into our help centers and finds out that his system needs a repair that is not covered by warranty.  Perhaps the warranty has expired.  Perhaps the system sustained accidental damage and was not covered under our Accidental Damage Protection Service. In any case, the customer is faced with buying a replacement part and is told how much that part + labor (if Lenovo is performing the work) will cost.  The next reaction is predictable and follow’s Kubler-Ross’ famous five steps. You must have put the wrong part number in.  Check again. Why does this part cost so much?  You guys are ripping me off Please oh please make an exception for me! I should have never bought this crummy model Fine.  Take my credit card and send me the part. While we can’t act as your psychiatrist, we can at least help you understand why spare parts may cost more than something generic you can find on Amazon.  When you buy parts from Lenovo, you’re buying an original, genuine part that has been regression tested with your particular model of machine.  This testing is performed during our initial development and continues through the life of the system as we receive warranty parts back and test for ongoing defects.  We guarantee that the replacement part you...

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Lenovo ThinkStations Transform Special Effects in Transformers 3

Lenovo ThinkStations Transform Special Effects in Transformers 3

Kerry Troester is a marketing manager for Lenovo’s ThinkStation workstations.  With a passion for both art and technology, Kerry enjoys seeing the two blend together in animated film. Both my parents are artists, so I grew up surrounding by creativity and color.  That’s why I enjoy seeing how Lenovo ThinkStation customers push the limits of our computers - creating cutting-edge animation and games.  I have been lucky enough to work with Allen Bolden, founder of Bit Theory, to learn how they used Lenovo ThinkStations to create many of the great effects shown in this summer’s blockbuster, Transformers 3. Bit Theory is a Lenovo ThinkStation customer that uses our C20 and D20 workstations. As background, Bit Theory is a leading visual effects company based in southern California. Bit Theory creates high-end computer generated (CG) images and animations using a proprietary CG animation software engine known as “Athena” to develop animation used in video and film productions.   Allen developed Athena to automate key parts of the animation and rendering process that are labor, hardware, software, and capital intensive. Bit Theory was one of the companies that worked on the production of Transformers 3 primarily around the conversion of the 2D movie to a 3D format.  It seems like nearly every movie has a 3D version these...

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