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Thinkpad Shortcut

Thinkpad Shortcut

Lenovo's Thinkpad keyboard shortcuts save you time. Browse now to increase your efficiency with shortcuts for display, navigation, playback, lighting & more. Share this infographic using the embed code below: <a href="|574106&"><img src="" alt="Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts" width="600" height="849" /> </a>

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Guest blog by Stephen Miller, Lenovo Ambassador and SMB champion In many ways, there have never been better opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to grow. Globalization means potential customers don’t have to live near a company’s facilities or even within the same country. Fewer market barriers and better communication options mean it is easier than ever to reach a worldwide audience, collaborate with far-flung co-workers and generally expand the boundaries of the business. The rise of social media has helped bring customers closer, while opening new marketing opportunities. Social platforms allow businesses to be more targeted and effective in their communications, and enable SMBs to interact directly and immediately with customers. At the same time, smart connected devices like tablets and smartphones make social media interactions easier than ever. Expensive office space is no longer an absolute requirement. The growth of smart devices and cloud computing enables employees to run business applications and access work-related files anytime, anywhere. Today it is possible for remote workers to be productive virtually anywhere in the world. The big question is, “How do SMBs take best advantage of the highly-connected mobile workforce and the ability to interact with customers in an instant?” One answer is to leverage 3 emerging technologies that are fast becoming must-haves for today’s successful SMBs....

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5 Steps to Find the Best Convertible Laptop for You

5 Steps to Find the Best Convertible Laptop for You

Are you looking for a Convertible Laptop that fits your needs? Explore Lenovo's 5 steps to find the multimode device that is right for you. *Click to Enlarge Share this infographic using the embed code below: <a href=><img src="" alt="5 Steps to Find the Best Convertible Multimode Laptop for You." width="500" height="2286" /> </a>

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Guest blog by Chris Karaffa, Lenovo Advocate As a long-time business user of the X1 Carbon, I was very excited to see the new X1 unveiled at CES 2014.  A little background: I was issued an X1C accidentally when everyone else was being issued mainly T-series and the random L-series or X-series other than the X1.  Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I gladly accepted.  Just based on form-factor alone, it looked like the perfect notebook for me.  I spend a decent amount of my time traveling and presenting in front of moderately-sized groups. However, there were some immediate growing pains that I had to overcome.  In order to shrink a very capable notebook to this size, one must sacrifice certain things: An optical drive – No big deal.  It’s a dying medium, anyway, right? VGA/DVI/HDMI outputs – I am constantly using multiple displays or a projector, but I’ll just make do with the miniDP port, I suppose. Ethernet – Wireless is where it’s at, and well, it did come with a USB-to-Ethernet dongle in case I absolutely must use it (albeit at USB 2.0 speeds). Smart Card Reader – Well that kind of sucks, but I always use a USB card reader, I guess. Furthermore, there are only two USB ports on the older X1—one 2.0 and one 3.0.  So with one always occupied with a smart card reader (partially pictured on the left, above), and one occupied with a wireless mouse...

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Guest blog by Brooks Flynn, Global Marketing Manager, ThinkPad Product Marketing I loathe seeing the “low battery warning” pop-up on any of my devices.  It might as well inform me that there are no outlets within a 10-mile radius of my location, because that always seems to be the way it works for me.  Even with airlines touting new and improved plane amenities, like in-seat power ports, I somehow never seem to get scheduled on those planes.  (In fact, I generally feel like I’m entering a time capsule to the 1970s every time I step on a plane) This situation is why we developed Power Bridge technology on our new line of ThinkPad Ultrabooks.  With a Power Bridge ThinkPad, when that “low battery warning” pop-up rears its ugly head, you can laugh at its menacing appearance and simply pull out another battery from your bag.  “Hold on,” you say…to replace the battery in my laptop I have to shut it down, save all of my work, remember where I was in the movie I was watching, and then restart my computer and open everything back up to where I was.  In that case you say, “The low battery has won,”…but that’s not the case with Power Bridge.  Power Bridge ThinkPads have an internal battery (a sizeable one) so there is no need to shut down the system.  You can swap in a fully charged battery and keep going…right where you were.  Victory at...

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