“Arts Enlighten Technology, Technology Drives Arts.” This famous remark of John Alan Lasseter, the founder of Pixar and winner of two Academy Awards, mirrored the importance of technology in 3D animated films. Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon, China's most expensive 3D animated feature film, has featured exquisite production that is beyond compare in many aspects in China’s animation sector. Lenovo ThinkStation workstations were the powerhouses behind the creative, with integrated solutions from front-end visual design to back-end rendering. At the eve of the launch of Dragon Nest: Rise of Black Dragon, we paid a visit to Mili Pictures’ production base in Suzhou to explore the “birth of the dragon”.     Witnessing the production of every scene Dragon Nest's production was created using the highest standard of workstations in China’s animated film sector. Different movies (even different scenes of one movie) have different requirements for workstations. Moreover, art and image design, scene design, special effects production and composition also have different requirements for workstations. ThinkStation provides solutions for all these different needs. For instance, art work and other early stage departments don’t have a high requirement for hardware, but they need to be incredibly stable. To cater to such a need, Lenovo provided E31 ThinkStation workstations. The animation...

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If you use CAD/CAE or just creative applications, have you ever thought about why you need to upgrade your workstations, and if there is a real timetable you should follow?  If so, here are four things to consider: 1) Design and creation activities are critical to your success, they represent your competitive advantage. This starts with you, the engineer and/or creative person who conceive the idea and the design. In addition, it includes the methods you use to design it, the software you use and the hardware that runs the software. Also very important, is how fast you design and create, as you can’t afford to get behind the competition, or miss a critical due date. All these things combine to give you a creative and innovative competitive edge. Both creation and schedules are two critical elements of your success. 2) Nothing is stagnant in this world, and this is true for the world of design and creativity. For example, new features are constantly being added to your design and the design is being shared in new ways using software like Product Life Cycle Management. Designers learn more from organizations like manufacturing and adapt their designs according to the latest technology trends available. In addition, the software they use changes, new revisions come out, new fixes and even additional software features to take into account. Designers want to know more about their design decisions and attach histories and notes to the design files. All of...

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STUDENTS, UNDERGRADS, FRESHMEN. Summer's almost over! Since you've been a busy bee the past few weeks, we've decided to lend a hand and help you gather the tools you need to discover that Rory Gilmore in you. Go ahead, load your Yoga Tablet with these apps and fight your way to become Editor-In-Chief of the school's paper. #1. Evernote Being a proactive, roving worker bee is part and parcel of being a journalist. While you’re out doing fieldwork, you may not have the luxury of sitting down to capture the story. Jot your notes on Evernote while you're interviewing your lead, work on your story on-the-go or access it from your desk, all on Tilt Mode. #2. Skype Does your story require you to talk to people from all around the world? You'll be relieved to use Skype in Stand Mode to make your international calls without being charged for overseas calls on your mobile and conducting video chats with your interviewee over the Internet....


IT’S ALMOST TIME TO HIT THE BOOKS AGAIN. Cue dramatic music. We recommend Europe’s The Final Countdown. It’s our favourite way to get ready for the end of summer - even if the deafening sound of your alarm clock may require some fixing. Here are some good news though: The coming semester is yours to figure out “you” and if you think that involves music in any way, shape or form, we've gathered a couple of tools you should definitely load up on your Yoga 2 Pro. #1. Spotify Whether you aspire to be a pianist, guitarist, violinist or a DJ, every aspiring musician should have access to millions of songs. While everyone’s taste in music is personal, check out Spotify’s playlists of different tracks that matches your current mood. Looking for something soft, mellow or electrifying to get inspired? You’ve got it all here. #2. TuneIn Radio You won’t even know where to start with over 60,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs at your fingertips. Set your


WELCOME TO THE BEGINNING OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Yes it’s a bit dramatic. If you’re thinking of capturing this moment to make it last forever, you probably can. That’s what Instagram is for, right? It's something we take for granted with the ubiquity of camera phones and devices around us all the time, but if you constantly see photograph-worthy scenes happening around you, maybe it’s time to listen to what your heart is saying and load up your Yoga Tablet with these 10 shutterbug-approved apps. #1. 500PX Don’t worry, your pictures can definitely be bigger than 500 pixels. Probably one of the most popular online photography communities, 500PX is aimed at both aspiring and professional photographers. We all hit creative walls sometimes so take this chance to find inspiration and connect with other amazing photographers. Develop your creative eye and hone your craft here, there's no magical trick that will give you the creative perspective you're looking for. #2. VSCO Cam