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Their name is LIFE, Lenovo's Newest Future Icon.

Their name is LIFE, Lenovo's Newest Future Icon.

Are you "that person" in your crew that is always up on the newest artists and tracks before anybody else? If so, you'll want to check out the Future Icons channel inside the Lenovo Companion app, available exclusively on Lenovo Windows 8 systems. Future Icons brings you exclusive behind-the-scenes music and videos from artists we've tapped as the next big thing. They will share with you how they use digital music creation to get their sound, and hopefully inspire you to start making some tracks as well! Our newest Future Icon is the alternative rock band called LIFE. The band consists of  Los Angeles natives Moi J Quinn,Sean Chapman, and Matthew McEwan, and offers a distinctive SoCal sound reminiscent of 311 and Sublime. Their exciting debut EP, R U D W N? drops June 18, 2014, featuring their first single of the same name. (If you're in the Los Angeles area, they will perform at their album release party at the legendary Roxy nightclub in Hollywood June 18.)  Moi, Matt and Sean were first known as the founders of Southern California band Tomorrow's Bad Seeds, and spent nearly a decade engaging a diehard fan base with three full-length albums as well as successful stints on Warped Tour. However, their muse suddenly morphed right before their eyes. "It wasn't planned out," recalls Sean. "We just started writing music, and it awakened something different within us. It wasn't...

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Yoga Tablet is a great holiday gift - use it in stand, tilt or hand mode. Seen here in hand mode, perfect for reading.

Yoga Tablet is a great holiday gift - use it in stand, tilt or hand mode. Seen here in hand mode, perfect for reading.

Stumped for gift ideas this holiday season? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. The coveted Lenovo Yoga Tablet is the hot new device of the season, available on and at Best Buy. With an innovative cylindrical battery allowing up to 18 hours of battery power, and the iconic Yoga hinge enabling three different modes – stand, tilt and hand – this device has it all. Available in 8” and 10” models, and starting at just $249, the Yoga Tablet is perfect for travel mavens, moms and dads, college students, anybody and everybody. It is lightweight and preloaded with the Android Jelly Bean operating system (fully ready for future versions of Android). Playing games, watching videos and connecting with others during the holiday season has never looked so good, or felt so comfortable in your hand. Take the Yoga Tablet Product Tour. .   Looking to gift a laptop?Look no further than the Yoga 2 Pro,...

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The IdeaPad Yoga 11S had a big week, first with its website availability on May 16, then by heading to New York City to hang out at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF).  We attended ICFF for the first time to show off our latest Horizon Table PC and the three custom tables we had created for it. We had some fun with the fashion-forward Yoga: it turned heads at the show, and even made itself home in some home-design booths at the Javits Center. Yoga kicks back and relaxes after a hard day of working the ICFF floor.  Right next door to Lenovo, Yoga checked out the latest bath designs from Kohler .  Yoga picked up some sweet swag during ICFF.  Flanking the other side of the Lenovo booth, Yoga tested out a stylish seat and pillow from Gabriel Scott, and picked up a tote bag designed by Jamie Derringer, editor of Design Milk.  Comfort to the extreme; Yoga cozied up on this plush velvet green couch from IKEA. Ever a fan of the affordable, global furniture brand IKEA, Yoga was enamored with this emerald green couch from its new

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It’s back - the yearly ode to love designated as February 14. For some, it’s a romantic tribute to St. Valentine filled with sparkling jewelry, tantalizing confections and the finest aromatic luxuries. For others, it’s an annoying reminder of unrequited sentiments dripping in chocolaty sweetness. Whichever camp you might fall in, treat yourself or your honey with a different type of gift this V-day with convertible PCs. We’ve got some amazing touchscreen devices that flip, fold, twist and turn to spice up the holiday.  With this many convertibles to choose from, we think you’ll be able to find the one that’s right for you.  IdeaPad Yoga 11 and 13 We’re totally enamored with our flip and fold convertibles - Go from laptop to tablet in less than five seconds. No undocking. Just flip and you’re done. Both models of our Yogas (11” and 13” in silver and orange) are perfect for someone who wants it all. Plus, you can flip them into Tent or Stand modes for watching your favorite romantic classics like Casablanca or The Notebook! They’re built with fast Intel processors, long battery life to keep power cords at bay and Dolby Home Theatre for incredibly rich sound.  The Yoga 11 with Windows RT gives you longer battery life (13 hours) and a smaller size while the Yoga 13 has a brilliant screen and Motion Control through its webcam so you can flip through photos, videos and more with just...

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Slim & light? Check.  Ultrabook? Nope.  Wallet friendly? Check.  Color options? Check.  So a Netbook then? Nope. Gaming ready? Kinda. At low to mid graphics settings.  That’s how I would describe the new Lenovo IdeaPad S300 & S400 laptops. These are not for those looking to assume the role of Alcatraz to beat the next Alien invasion in Crysis 2. Neither are these machines for people who must spend thousands of dollars irrespective of what they get in return. The S300/S400 laptops are essentially for value hunters.    We all know who the value hunters are. They churn out the endless excel sheets comparing specs of multiple products. It could be about the next car or even something trivial as a Bluetooth headset. They spend countless hours scanning forums, reviews and comments on If you think these value hunters do this to save money, you would be wrong. All this effort is to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for and get the best bang for the buck!        These 0.9-inch-thick laptops may miss out on the ultrabook checklist by a mere 2mm but they hold their own when it comes to performing way beyond what was traditionally expected out of a budget machine. With a profile this thin, it’s remarkable that both the S300 and S400 offer Intel Core i5 processors and AMD Radeon 7450M...

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