Next-gen ThinkServer RD550, RD650 & TD350

Next-gen ThinkServer RD550, RD650 & TD350

We’ve hit the trifecta. How can you not be excited by that? By (1) combining the most talented team of people, (2) introducing new, enterprise-class products with the right blend of flexibility, scalability and performance and (3) acquiring a world-renown server company, we’ve set the groundwork to become the leader in the IT hardware market segment.  Like every great squad, we started by acquiring the best talent. It’s similar to the 2012 Denver Broncos acquisition of Peyton Manning in building their offensive attack. And as the old saying goes, the best defense is a great offense. Lenovo has invested millions of dollars over the last few years to hire some of the best engineers and product marketing professionals available to build and market an innovative line of servers from the ground up. And speaking of products, today, we are announcing our next-generation ThinkServer systems. The first wave of products consists of the three cleverly engineered servers — two rack systems and one tower, the Lenovo ThinkServer RD550, RD650 and TD350 — designed to provide the ultimate in flexibility and reliability. What is game changing about these servers? Here are just a few things. Storage density – By creating space-optimized drive trays, chassis and system boards, the RD550 and RD650 have industry-leading storage density and more I/O connectivity within standard 1U and 2U form factors. 12 drive bays in RD550 and 26 drive...

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Chuck Bergen, CEO, VTree Entertainment LLC

Chuck Bergen, CEO, VTree Entertainment LLC

  AUTHOR'S NOTE: This post is the first in a weekly series called LenovoDev Developer of the Week. It will highlight members of the LenovoDev Developer Program who have built an outstanding relationship with Lenovo and/or have a unique, compelling backstory. Featured developers are nominated by the Lenovo Windows8 Store manager in their geography. We also hope to create an opportunity for members to engage and learn from each other on a more personal level via the Lenovo Developer Forums. Love to hear your feedback in the comments. --KS   Our first LenovoDev Developer of the Week is Chuck Bergen, CEO of VTree Entertainment, based in Bensalem, PA. This selection is significant because VTree's core business is creating and modifying  apps for people with special needs. As you'll read, they've achieved far beyond material gain, and actually changedpeople's lives, from children to US military veterans.  Read and learn more about Chuck ...oh and and learn what legendary rock band he's jamming to.   [Read more.]

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At Lenovo, our partnership with Oracle is focused on delivering the hardware portion of the IT stack so mid-market customers can deploy Oracle’s red stack, which consists of Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Database and Oracle middleware. We are a leading server provider into key market segments such as Retail, Education and Hospitality, and are also strong in enterprise with customers who have distributed data centers. Many of these clients are running Oracle solutions on Lenovo deployments. In the last 18 months, we have increased our partnership activities with Oracle and have an ideal ThinkServer compute solution for delivering Oracle solutions to small- and mid-sized customers. We have a full suite of rack-mount systems qualified with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, as part of the Oracle HCL program. Lenovo also has two validated Oracle configurations featuring ThinkServer systems. This year, Oracle OpenWorld offers a forum for us to discuss some new and exciting news. We’ll be featuring our next-generation ThinkServer systems. And, as you probably heard, Lenovo has been approved to move forward with the acquisition of IBM’s x86 server business and other related product lines. As part of the acquisition, Lenovo obtains System x, BladeCenter, Flex...

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This is part of a new weekly series featuring content written by the Lenovo Companion App Content Team Goodbye clunky cords. Hello wireless streaming. We live in a wireless world where the digital devices we use every day, from TVs and game consoles to mobile devices and cameras, are capable of sharing, tweeting, recording, emailing, browsing the Internet and, of course, streaming. And now, with DLNA and Microsoft Play, it’s easy to stream to every room of your home. You can send pictures from your smartphone to your printer, stream videos from your tablet to your TV and play songs stored on your home office PC on a speaker system in the living room. There are thousands of products today that are built to “talk” to each other over a home network, including: Digital cameras and photo frames Video recorders and projectors Home theater systems Speakers Televisions Blu-ray players Game consoles Printers Even some refrigerators are designed to stream music! The trick is getting used to sending files from your Lenovo system to other devices throughout your home. Here’s how to do it on a Windows 8.1 system: How to stream using DLNA-certified products Products that have been certified by DLNA—which stands for Digital Living Network Alliance—can...

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Guest blog by Gerry Smith, Executive Vice President, President of Enterprise Business Group and the Americas. Just two weeks ago, Lenovo’s pending $2.3 billion transaction to purchase IBM’s System x server business was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). We look forward to closing the transaction, but many channel partners, clients and customers may be wondering: what’s next? We have bold plans for future growth with this acquisition, and IBM’s x86 employees and products are an important part of that. With the integration of IBM’s System x product portfolio, Lenovo will immediately become the number three server manufacturer in the world, combining IBM’s technology with our operational excellence to deliver an unparalleled customer and partner experience. We’ll be able to offer a complete end-to-end set of enterprise and PC targeted offerings, giving our partners an opportunity to broaden their portfolios and better serve their customers. Analyst Rob Enderle points out, “Given the fact that Lenovo successfully acquired the IBM PC business and changed it from market laggard to market leader, the positive outcome (for the IBM merger) is near certain.” This acquisition is a natural extension of the long-term partnership we established with IBM in 2005 after the purchase of its PC business. By leveraging an efficient and proven business model, we became #1 in the PC...

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