The deal is done—Motorola is now part of Lenovo. So what does it all mean? Here’s our take. 1. The new Motorola-fueled Lenovo will be a major player in the global smartphone industry. When we woke up today our company was suddenly the world’s #3 smartphone maker. Lenovo’s brief but proud history in smartphones gets a massive boost from adding the well-established Moto and—most importantly—nearly 3,500 new colleagues around the world. 2. Motorola and Lenovo have a shared history of innovation. Some would argue the key to Lenovo’s recent success has been our willingness to try new things—and especially new form factors. (Take a look at Yoga and Yoga Tablet if you don’t know what we mean.) From 1930s car radios to the world’s first commercial cellphone in the ‘80s, from Razr & Droid to Moto X, Motorola started pioneering & kept on going. 3. We also have a shared history in space. Moto was there—in a manner of speaking—for the 1969 moon landing while Lenovians love to note that ThinkPad is the only laptop certified for use in space. Its extraterrestrial history dates back to early ‘90s Space Shuttle flights (and ThinkPads can be seen...

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Guest blog by Jeff Meredith, VP Marketing and VP/GM Tablet BU, Lenovo Mobile Business Group. Today marks an historic milestone for Lenovo and Motorola. It’s the first of many in a transformative journey that will shape our industry. To say I’m excited by the possibilities of what we can achieve together, is truly an understatement. We will combine Lenovo’s strong heritage of innovation and design with Motorola’s visionary iconic brand to deliver products that change the way people connect and experience technology.  As an iconic brand, Motorola has been at the forefront of the mobile communication industry. The first call from the moon was from a Motorola device. The invention of the cell phone happened in the Motorola labs and has entirely changed the way the world communicates. The time is right for a new challenger to emerge in the smartphone industry. A recent global smartphone market study conducted by analyst firm CCS Insights, states that with the acquisition of Motorola, Lenovo is poised to significantly disrupt the dominance of the top players in the market.  While this acquisition makes us the world’s number three smartphone provider, we’re not sitting still. We’ll be aggressively introducing Lenovo and Motorola products in different markets around the world. We’ve...

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Everyone is tasked with doing more by using less these days. Budgets stay the same (or are cut!), but the amount of work to be done continues to grow. Those of us in the IT world are very familiar with this concept. We must accommodate more data, more users and more applications every day. But all is not lost! The new ThinkServer systems are here to help. With the latest generation of Intel Xeon E5 processors, our ThinkServer RD550 rack server is designed from the ground up to do more in less space. For example, with two quad-port 10GbE AnyFabric mezzanine cards and three dual-port 10GbE cards in its PCIe slots, it provides an astounding 140Gb of Ethernet networking bandwidth in only 1U of rack space! This is industry leading and 40 percent better than the nearest competitor can provide. A rack full of RD550s with network IO capable of over 5Tb per second can easily handle the most demanding application throughput.  If storage performance is the goal, the RD550 supports 12x 2.5” drives, two of which can be Intel’s latest NVMe PCIe SSD and the remainder can be 12Gbps SAS SSD. This can provide close to 2 million small block IOPS in the same 1U space. When comparing to one leading competitor, this is 85% more IOPS. In addition to the crazy...

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This is part of a weekly series featuring content written by the Lenovo Companion App Content Team After buying your new PC or tablet, we know you can't wait to get it up and running. If you’re new to Lenovo or are getting used to a new device and the Windows 8.1 operating system, follow these 10 steps for a seamless experience. Everything listed below can also be done directly through the Lenovo Companion app, which is preloaded on all Lenovo Windows 8.1 devices, so be sure to go there first! 1.  Get to Know Your New PC Lenovo Companion will be your go-to app for everything related to your new device. You’ll find your system’s user guide, warranty status, accessories, plus dozens of helpful articles on everything from learning Windows 8.1 to squeezing more hours from your battery. You’ll also find information about the modern apps preloaded on your system to make the things you do every day faster, easier and more enjoyable. So before you head over to the Windows Store, explore the apps that are preloaded on your device and check out the 

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Is it due to an ancient migratory instinct? Or perhaps to find tasty acacia leaves? Neither. It’s to find a better big data solution! This week, Lenovo is featuring an impressive Hadoop SQL demonstration at the IBM Insight event in Las Vegas, highlighting massive sequential query performance with IBM BigInsights analytics deployed on powerful, agile yet cost-effective System x3650 and System x3550 clusters. Migrate over to booth #406 and check out Lenovo’s validated solution and reference architecture for analyzing unstructured and structured data in an Apache Hadoop environment. Lenovo offers an extensive suite of big data solutions for the leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) such as MapR, Cloudera, InfoSphere and

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