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As you head to Accelerate 2014 this week, think about the smartphone, tablet or desktop you carry with you. Think about how important those devices are, and how it would affect you if you broke or lost of one of them. In recent years, with our increased reliance on cloud computing, we’ve been led to believe the hardware is not that important. All that matters is the data. But what if you have just taken some photos or written a new report that you didn’t back up before the device malfunctioned or got lost? You certainly wouldn’t question the importance of the hardware then. We all carry unique data in our devices that we want to keep safe and secure. It’s easier to do that if the devices used to store the data are durable and dependable. The quality of the hardware is quintessential to our satisfaction and happiness with the device. You’ve told us you want device diversity and innovation, and we will show our commitment to both. While our competitors change their minds on what platforms and devices to support, we have been busy assembling a diverse portfolio of devices to address the needs and preferences of all end users. Our growing portfolio includes servers, workstations, desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and convertible PCs that combine tablet and notebook features. As our business partners, you can leverage the diversity in our portfolio to consult with customers and help them match devices to the specific needs...

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Lenovo ThinkServer

Lenovo ThinkServer

The demos are ready to go and the equipment is on its way to San Francisco, as Lenovo heads out to VMworld next week!  Lenovo is a Silver sponsor and we’ll be showcasing ThinkServer’s performance benefits and our truly open validated architecture for your demanding virtualized infrastructure and Cloud Ready Datacenter.   Some of the solutions in our booth (#2105) will include: • vSphere with Operations Management on ThinkServer • Healthcare Applications (PACs) on VMware  • Stoneware webNetwork • ThinkServer and Lenovo|EMC Storage Display • VSPEX Validated Infrastructure Lenovo continues to build its relationship with VMware, and after an exciting new announcement on Monday, we’ll be participating in some great speaking sessions:  • Virtualization and Converged Infrastructure Solutions (TEX6388): In this session you will learn more about how the vSphere Operations Management is run on ThinkServer to help quickly resolve common issues found on your converged infrastructure. • How to Build a Highly Scalable and Truly Open Infrastructure (STP 1023):...

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