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Guest blog by Ryan Freeman, Communications Advisor, Global Services, Internal Communications. More than a thin and light laptop, the dual-mode Flex 14.1-inch and 15.6-inch laptops creatively flip 300° for stand mode, a new way to interact with a PC and positions the device closer to the user for more natural, comfortable touch experience. Users can open Lenovo’s custom YouCam program, say “1,2,3 cheese” to snap a webcam photo and then send it to a friend using Flex’s voice commands. Or they can enjoy cinematic quality sound to the latest NetFlix movie with Flex’s Dolby Advanced Audio v2 without a keyboard in the way or even watch high definition content on another screen via Flex’s HDMI-out connection. Lenovo Flex 14 and 15 offer superior performance at an affordable price Beyond Flex’s extra value with its dual mode, flip functionality, its fashionable soft-touch black cover trimmed with silver or Clementine Orange also attracts attention. Equally stunning, the interior contains a clean keyboard design with optional backlighting. Images are vividly rich thanks to Flex’s HD 1366 x 768 or optional Full HD 1920 x 1080 displays.  With 10-point multitouch, Flex makes using Windows 8 and collaboration easy. With up to nine hours, Flex 14 and 15 are extremely mobile and are primed for productivity with up to Intel fourth generation Core ULT i7 processors, up to Nvidia discrete GT 740M graphics, up to 1 TB...

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Guest blog by Ryan Freeman, Communications Advisor, Global Services, Internal Communications. Recognizing that one design doesn’t fit all, the MIIX 2 gives people a different way to enjoy the benefits of multimode computing with its unique detachable design. MIIX 2 gives users the freedom to take only the touchscreen tablet when they’re on the go, and then connect back to the base for a full Windows 8.1 laptop experience when they need it. In Laptop Mode, they can use this form factor for a great combination of screen real estate with a full-size keyboard. Then they can simply turn the tablet 180° and insert it into the keyboard base to engage MIIX 2’s third mode, Stand Mode, to watch movies or view photos. Expanding Multimode Design with MIIX 2 Detachable “With our detachable MIIX 2 and convertible YOGA 2 and Flex devices, people no longer have to choose between a laptop or tablet. Our multimode products give them the best of both laptop and tablet worlds plus even new modes that make it better and easier to interact and watch their personal digital content,” said David Roman, chief marketing officer, Lenovo. “Now the only decision they have to make is choosing which Lenovo multimode product they prefer - one that flips and folds or one that detaches.” While the 10-in MIIX 2 optimizes for extreme mobility, the 11-in model focuses on delivering a higher level of performance with its up to 4th generation...

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CO:LAB - A project between Lenovo and MTV

CO:LAB - A project between Lenovo and MTV

CO:LAB LAUNCHED! It’s rare to be able to work on projects that help make an impact on people’s lives. On February 25, 2013, Lenovo partnered with MTV to launch CO:LAB, a program that searches for Asia’s most talented DJ, Musician, Motion Graphic Artist, and Film Maker. The winners were awarded with US$10,000 cash, mentoring from industry experts, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga convertibles, and a chance for their own music video to be showcased on MTV. The idea of the program was to help further the careers of gifted young artists by helping them hone their skills, providing them with collaboration tools (i.e. the Yoga!), and giving them more media exposure. THE REGIONAL WINNERS REVEALED We received close to 1,000 submissions from seven countries including Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines. After two months of voting and careful selection by our industry experts (including contemporary design and art collective, PHUNK and international DJs, Brendon P & Matty Wainwright), Nick Chan from Singapore, Karan Bedi from India, Ron Roumsub from Thailand, and Yuji Mitsuhashi from Japan, were victorious as Asia’s most talented DJ, Musician, Motion Graphics Designer, and Film Maker respectively. MTV flew to the winners’ hometowns and created vignettes documenting their journey, passions, and inspirations. I thought MTV did a fantastic job and was truly inspired by the stories! Rocking DJ & Producer Nick...

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We created the Yoga 11S Silhouettes video to capture the flexibility and fluidity and to wow audiences online. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here. We didn’t stop there though. We’re always looking to try new things, so we took the video to an unconventional venue – the side of buildings in New York City.  For two nights in June, with our friends at Alt Terrain, we took the Yoga video on a tour of New York City’s most famous spots – Union Square, the Empire State Building, SoHo, the Lower East Side and more. We also timed this around when you can buy a Yoga at Best Buy stores in the U.S. If you missed the live-projection or are one of our many readers around the world, here are a few of our favorite photos from Yoga and The SILHOUETTES projections.   The SILHOUETTES video was hard to miss in Union Square and was conveniently located down the street from Best Buy where people could go check out the Yoga 11S for themselves.   Using Instagram, we posted clues and snapshots of our next screening location. Here, we captured the video in action near the Empire State Building.   Yoga and the iconic Empire State Building   One bystander stops in the middle of the bustling streets of West Village to snap a photo of the Yoga in action 

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THE SILHOUETTES create an airplane scene, showing the four modes of the Yoga: stand, laptop, tent and tablet.

THE SILHOUETTES create an airplane scene, showing the four modes of the Yoga: stand, laptop, tent and tablet.

A fun, flexible product like Yoga gives us marketers some really interesting ways to demonstrate its flip and fold and multiple mode functions.  So when we came across the group, THE SILHOUETTES™, we exclaimed ah ha! These are the perfect artists to visually represent Yoga’s qualities in body-bending and mind-bending ways. We recently spent a day in Denver, CO with them filming a new, yet unnamed dance performance, choreographed to celebrate the availability of our newest Yoga, the IdeaPad Yoga 11S at Best Buy  and on We spent a few minutes chatting with Lynne Waggoner-Patton, creator and director of The Silhouettes about the Yoga dance performance piece. THE SILHOUETTES YOGA 11S Performance Q. What did you think when you first saw the Yoga 11S? A.  I was amazed at its flexibility and how it converts to many different shapes making it adaptable to different situations.  Because I travel extensively for my work I am constantly struggling with finding a place to work effectively.  For example, when I try to work on the airplane and the passenger in front of me leans their seat back, it closes my laptop to a point where I can’t see the screen making it impossible to work!  I wish that I had a Yoga laptop when I was on set with America’s Got Talent because it would have helped so much.  I wouldn’t have had to drag my...

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