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Guest blog by Ryan Freeman, Communications Advisor, Global Services, Internal Communications. Lenovo’s first Android home computer, the Lenovo N308, presents an affordable AIO desktop for those multimedia mavens who love apps, entertainment and web browsing. The N308 makes an ideal companion for enjoying media and accessing apps as part of a user’s family of Android devices including tablets and smartphones. The All-New Lenovo N308 Android All-In-One Starting at $450 and available in black or white, the 19.5-in 1600X900 touchscreen desktop gives users everything they need to enjoy their favorite content. Running the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, the N308 comes with an NVIDIA Tegra® quad core processor, up to 500 GB hard drive storage, a 720p webcam and WiFi. Easily move this 1.3-in thin AIO around the home or office as a super-sized tablet with its full-size keyboard and mouse and up to three hours of battery life with its integrated battery. Additionally, users can adjust the N308’s stand to lay the device flat for an easier angle to navigate the touchscreen and even play games.

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The home of the future looks – in one word, “integrated.” More so than ever before, traditional home design and technology are fused. We’re seeing it now with smart refrigerators and washers, but soon, furniture will fuse with PCs, like the Horizon PC in the AT-UM Table – part desk, part easel and part stand. You can catch a glimpse of tomorrow’s home today at trend innovation company, PSFK’s Future of Home Living Exhibit, in New York City at Stonehenge’s new 101 building in Chelsea.  The brainchild of PSFK’s Future of Home Living Report, the exhibit brings together many cool futuristic design concepts and tech products for urban living, including the Nest Thermostat and Hapifork, a Bluetooth-enabled eating utensil. Lenovo’s own IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC will be in the AT-UM table from UM Project’s Francois Chambard. In May, we showcased the possibilities for integrated design at the 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) by teaming...

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Francois' AT-UM Horizon Table

Francois' AT-UM Horizon Table

Nearly ten years ago, UM Project owner François Chambord found his life’s calling: to design and create modern and innovative furniture. He applied his fervor for user-centric design to AT-UM, his fusion of Horizon with the traditional desk for a new kind of collaboration station – part easel, part studio desk and part table. In this post, François gives us some insight into his creation from when the sample we shipped him arrived at his workshop to its debut at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.    Q. AT-UM. That’s an interesting name. Tell us about it. A. I have always liked short names, hence the name of my company UM Project and many of my products like the NGL table or the SMPL table. They are strong and memorable; punchy sound bites. I also like when names have a certain amount of geekiness and a technological feel, as well as mystery and poetry. AT-UM could be the name of a computer or strange machine, but also the name of a friendly robot. AT-UM also works as an acronym that means the “Activity Table by UM Project,” which is the perfect description of this piece. The name is also a subtle reference to Star Wars AT-AT, one of the many incredible machines of the saga. Q. Your design allows people to use Horizon in both modes – tabletop and all-in-one. Talk about the design process for accommodating this. A. I was immediately seduced by the versatility of the Horizon, working...

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