Alien Superbugs? YouTube Space Lab and the Science of Space

The six regional winners have been announced in the YouTube Space Lab competition powered by Lenovo.

Is it really possible that space-bound snowflakes, spiders or alien superbugs could hold the key to the world's next scientific breakthrough? You never know.

YouTube Space Lab has entered its final phase. We began with thousands, we’re down to just a few. The Lenovo-powered competition invited teenagers from all over the world to dream up science experiments that could be performed in space. The winners will get to see that happen—NASA will conduct the winning experiment at the International Space Station later this year. (It will also be live-streamed on YouTube.)

Thousands of young scientists from all over the world stayed up late (for how many nights?!) formulating ideas and shaping them into compelling Space Lab video submissions. A public vote narrowed it down—from 60 finalists we’re now left with six very good teams asking intriguing questions:

  • Could alien superbugs cure disease on Earth? (Dorothy & Sara, USA)
  • Can you teach an old spider new tricks? (Amr, Egypt)
  • Could liquid magnets take us deeper into space? (Sachin, India)
  • Does the future of computing rest in a drop of liquid? (Maria & Laura, Spain)
  • Can hot air in space help keep us cool on Earth? (Patrick & Derek, New Zealand)
  • Could a snowflake unlock the mysteries of the universe? (Emerald, USA)

Who will win? We’ll find out soon. In the meantime, the finalists have already received some goodies in the mail from Lenovo, including their very own IdeaPad U300s Ultrabooks. Next up for these regional winners is a trip to Washington, D.C., where they will take an exhilarating ZERO-G flight and generally get treated like royalty.

Gavin O’Hara is Global Publisher for Lenovo Social Media.