Young Filmmakers Go Hollywood With Lenovo Ultrabooks

Lights. Camera. Action.  The stars of this show?  Lenovo’s newest Ultrabook (the IdeaPad U310) and Campus Movie Fest (CMF), the world’s largest student film festival and a premier outlet for the next generation of filmmakers. Making its official Hollywood premier last weekend, the Ultrabook short film “Seize the Night” was shown to crowds of young directors, aspiring actors, and Oscar-winning celebrities alike.

In partnership with CMF, their 500,000 plus members are being challenged to develop their own ending to Seize the Night, with the winning treatments earning a production budget, an IdeaPad U310, and the ultimate prize of $15,000 (US).

Our vision at Lenovo is to enable doers around the globe and help make their dreams a digital reality by putting the world’s best technology in their hands.  As the weekend went on, I learned CMF shares the same vision with the goal of empowering the next generation of filmmakers with the hardware to create short films. The energy and excitement was at an all-time high as young filmmakers learned about the film-your-own-ending contest.  For many, this opportunity represents the first time they would have a budget to do what they love – make a film.

CMF members have until July 5 to submit a treatment of their own alternative ending to the Seize the Night.



Submissions will be a 30-second to two-minute video featuring the Lenovo Ultrabook, with the top 15 filmmakers getting a production budget and a U310 to make it happen.  The 15 finalists will then race for the most views on YouTube, with the top four most-viewed videos winning a hefty $15,000 cash-prize.

Towards the end of the weekend, I was privileged to present an award for Best Editing with my colleague Kristy Fair at the CMF awards dinner.  The level of skill, and professionalism we saw in our category and among all of the others was equal to many movies I’ve seen on-screen.

A hearty ‘Congratulations!’ to the CMF crew for helping cultivate such a high level of filmmaking talent.  We’re eager to see the treatments for Seize the Night and what the students are capable of!

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Khaner Walker works on Lenovo's Internal Communications team.