YOGA, the Ultimate Stress Reliever

Whether you’re ready or not, the holidays are upon us. Say hello to busy days filled with family reunions and holiday planning – and this is only the beginning. Anxiety levels increase as we get into the peak of the holiday season and, nearly three quarters of us admit to feeling stressed about the lack of time and money and the overall pressure to get gifts during the holiday season, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association.

To help you prepare and manage your stress level during the upcoming hustle and bustle, you may wish to consider some of our simple hints and tips below that will help you get a jumpstart and ensure you keep anxiety at bay.

Boost Your Immunity
With a frenzied schedule in the fall, the last thing you need is to be slowed down by the common cold or worse -- floored by the flu. Taking the flu shot is certainly an option for some people, but you can also try to prevent getting sick by bolstering your diet with high antioxidant foods such as blackberries, pomegranate and green tea. Try to add or pair these foods with your regular daily meals, to get the full benefits. 

Make Time for Yoga 
Busy days can lead to an increase in stress levels, and stress can weaken immunity. To prevent it, consider freeing up an hour of your time each week for a relaxing yoga session at a local studio. Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical research group states that yoga not only reduces stress, it also lowers blood pressure and improves heart health. 

Improve Your Productivity with the Lenovo™ YOGA™ 300 or 500
Reliable and highly portable technology can be the ultimate digital assistant during hectic times. Computing devices can help you create to-do lists, grocery shop online, send out a digital party invite on the fly or even touch up and order your holiday cards. With mobile hot spot or free Wi-Fi in many public areas, you can be productive just about anywhere. For those on the go, you may want to consider purchasing a lightweight and adaptable device such as the YOGA 300 or YOGA 500, which has four modes – laptop, stand, tent and laptop – to help you get work done anywhere and anytime. Better yet, it’s more affordable than a real assistant!

Embrace the On-demand App Economy 
The rise of the “on-demand app economy” means we now have instant access to gourmet food deliveries, house cleaning services and even people who can run errands for us. If you are in a serious time crunch and have the budget for people to help you with tasks, these apps can be a real lifesaver. They can also give you back the priceless gift of time to help you get more rest or even fit in an extra exercise class. 

With a pinch of planning, a heap of help from technology and a good measure of restorative me-time, you will sail through the upcoming seasons with your family and friends happy, healthy and relaxed. 

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