Yoga Tablet Launch in Milan: A Lenovo IN member’s story

Guest blog post by Andreas Gotthelf, Lenovo INfluencers.

Lenovo recently announced the Yoga tablet in several places around the world. But this announcement was something different and was the biggest launch event for a Lenovo product in recent times. Although there were some rumors about what Lenovo is going to offer us, bloggers like me and European journalists were very excited about what the new device would look like. So here´s the story what happened in Milan before and during the launch event of the newest Yoga family member: Yoga Tablet.

After we entered an old factory, we were excited to see outstanding interior design inside the building. But take a look by yourself and the picture above.

Tablets are rising in volume and other tablet makers have raised the stakes with new devices. So did Lenovo. Lenovo´s smartphone and tablet volume exceeded the PC volume in Q1, Gianfranco Lanci senior vice president (SVP) and president of Lenovo EMEA told us. Following a consistent strategy within the design and creating the Lenovo Yoga PC´s Yoga 13 and Yoga 11s, it seems like a reasonable consequence to enter the tablet market with a Yoga Tablet. See the picture below.

A lot of research was done before Lenovo decided to build the Yoga Tablet. Lenovo was monitoring the markets for fashion and consumption trends very closely. Fashion in general--consumption modes and lifestyle in particular--became very important for their research. The question was: How can we produce products that offer value to customers and fit in with their lifestyle? The further task was to change devices in order to make them suitable for a new use or user situation.

After Lanci´s introduction, Lenovo Design Director Andreas Schupp entered the stage and told us about the making of the new Yoga Tablet. So we got a close look behind the curtains and what is happening before Lenovo starts to decide a product like the Yoga Tablet about a year ago.

After researching, they began to think about forms, creating an idea and a concept of the overall design and how the Yoga Tablet should look like. 

None of this could have been done without teamwork. Below you´ll see a picture of Lenovo´s design team that created the Yoga Tablet.

Andreas further told us about the engineering tasks like the hinge design and about using high-end materials for the aluminum back panel.

What separates it from other devices in the market is the kickstand and the iconic hinge. Popping out the kickstand allows you to bring the device into its three different modes: Stand, Tilt and Hold Mode.

I have to say there´s nothing wobbly if you´re using the kickstand, nothing feeling cheap when you hold the tablet. Although you´ll notice some plastic parts around the speakers but that is a feature by design, said Schupp, because WiFi and 3G signals don´t like metal cases.

In fact what makes the Yoga Tablet unique is its ergonomics. This is the star feature. You must experience it yourself to be able to compare it to other tablets. The cylindrical handle negates the heaviness and it feels very natural to use the Yoga Tablet in “Hold Mode” with a single hand. Almost like a book.

In my opinion Lenovo created a very nice, extremely thin and unique entertainment consumption device, and it does a very good job at tasks like email, social networking and web surfing. I had much fun while watching TV and YouTube videos and during the flight back from Milan to Germany. And with its innovative cylindrical battery, which lasts 18 hours, you also can charge your smartphone during long trips. Just connect it with the Micro USB On-The-Go Cable (OTG).

It was a great trip to Milan and an exciting launch event and if you want to know more about the physics used in the Yoga Tablet please refer to the blog post and comments in the Lenovo Community Spotlight.

Last and not least I would like to say a big “Thank you” to Lenovo and their teams who made this trip so enjoyable.