Lenovo X6 Server Consolidation - Save 80% by Consolidating HP Servers

A new case study that investigates the Total Cost of Ownership of migrating from older HP Integrity servers to Lenovo x3850 X6 running SAP Business Applications is now available.

This Alinean study, shows that migrating to the latest X6 enterprise rack servers allowed the client to lower annual operating costs by a significant 80%, leading to substantial savings of $5,522,875 over a three year analysis period.

A large part of the savings came from reduced hardware and software purchase and maintenance costs. In this study, the company was able to purchase a new highly efficient X6 enterprise server for less than what it was paying for annual maintenance on its current HP servers.

3 Year TCO Comparison

Source: Alinean X6 Server Consolidation study

3 Year Server Cost

In addition to the Three Year TCO Comparison , the study focusing on specific costs directly associated with the server environment – specifically hardware, software, support, licensing, system administration, operations, environmental, and migration costs.

Source: Alinean X6 Server Consolidation study

The Lenovo x3850 X6 makes it possible to achieve significant costs savings and dramatically lower TCO. This has caused many companies to rethink and investigate core server replacement projects as a part of their strategic plan to improve profitability, drive transformation, and create competitive advantage. Lenovo X6 servers offer companies higher performance, more memory capacity, scalability, and modular flexibility that could help to deliver bottom-line benefits specifically targeting reduction in capital expenditures, optimizing efficiencies in operating costs, and reducing overall total cost of ownership.

Alinean Server Consolidation Study

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