X6 : Product Design Intersects with the Human Experience : New Podcast

A cup. A cutter. Tape. A paper skirt. Great design? No! Read about how the pros do it in this podcast...

When I spoke with Camillo Sassano, senior industrial designer, about the idea of a podcast about the design of X6, I asked him if I could record the initial conversation with my cell phone. “Of course,” he replied. Phone retrieved from my purse, I reached in for my makeshift phone holder -- a recycled cup from my last out-of-the-office-fast-food-lunch. I positioned it upside down on the table. The cup sported a crudely-cut rectangular hole in the bottom large enough to snugly grip my cell phone and hold it upright. The fast food chain name was cleverly disguised with an A-line “skirt” made of yellow scrap paper.

We agreed that the impromptu phone holder was functional, straightforward to use, and it afforded me, the user, the ability to do something that was not easy to do before – record interviews without actually having to hold the mobile phone with one hand. My sad recycled “plasti-holder” actually served as a great segue to the podcast’s intended topic -- how product design intersects with the human experience. Listen to the six minute podcast that ultimately resulted from our conversations that day. Camillo talks about strategy, the X6 bookshelf design and how the human experience impacts designing an enterprise server.