The VMware vCloud Suite on Lenovo X6 servers offers an extremely fast, agile, and efficient VMware vSphere-based private cloud and simplified management solution designed to meet the needs of IT organizations managing today’s data intensive, mission critical workloads.

This pre-configured, pre-tested private cloud solution features Lenovo X6 servers and VMware vCloud Suite software. An integrated solution for building a VMware vSphere-based private cloud, the vCloud Suite on System x solution produces transformational levels of IT agility and efficiency.

Lenovo and VMware have combined software and hardware that enables clients to dramatically reduce IT complexity and cost, increase agility and accelerate to a software defined enterprise:

  • Get faster time-to-value: Speed server deployment and application provisioning from days to minutes.
  • Provision complete infrastructure, applications and IT services to users across multiple platforms:
  • Increase performance by 100% over previous generation systems:
  • Achieve more uptime for mission-critical applications with high availability and security:
  • RAS capabilities through VMware vSphere High Availability:
  • Lower TCO due to automated operations management and a flexible, scalable system design:

Private Cloud Solution

The vCloud Suite on Lenovo X6 servers is the most efficient solution to build and manage a private cloud. The solution allows IT to standardize and consolidate data centers with intelligent policy-based IT operations – server virtualization and business-critical applications support.

This solution provides the components for building and running a vSphere-based private cloud infrastructure. VMware vCloud Suite provides comprehensive, simplified management features with built-in intelligence to automate on-demand provisioning, placement, configuration, and control of applications based on defined policies.

VMware vCloud Suite on Lenovo X6 – Datasheet

VMware vCloud Suit on Lenovo X6 Private Cloud - Solution Brief

VMware vSphere with Operations Management on X6 – Datasheet

VMware vSphere with Operations Management on X6 – Solutions Brief

x3850 X6 Product Details

x3950 X6 Product Details