Breakthrough X6 technology provides the ability to extract value from mushrooming data volumes, even with finite capital and operational resources. Powered by next-generation X6 technology, the System x Solution for Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse on X6 provides outstanding performance and scalability for your mission-critical big data and business intelligence applications.

Takeshi Numoto, Corporate Vice President, Server & Tools Marketing at Microsoft Corporation had this to say:

"Microsoft and System x have collaborated for years to deliver the computing foundation for achieving enterprise business results on x86 servers. That work continues as SQL Server 2014 provides groundbreaking in-memory capabilities across all database workloads, Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V delivers breakthrough enterprise-grade virtualization technologies, and System x presents new mission critical X6 offerings.”

X6 and Microsoft SQL are FAST

X6 technology provides faster database performance through better bandwidth and lower latencies. Integrating an innovative design that locates up to 12 TB of ultra-low latency eXFlash memory-channel storage close to the processor, with higher I/O bandwidth that has been relocated for increased performance.

Microsoft SQL Server incorporates the xVelocity in-memory column store index to reduce I/O and CPU loads while improving memory utilization. Combining these Microsoft SQL Server advantages with the powerful X6 enterprise server, this solution will give your organization very fast access to business insights.

The X6 family is designed to be fast from the ground up.

  • Processing power, thanks to the latest Intel Xeon E7-4800 v2 and E7-8800 v2 processors
  • Huge memory capacity, with 96 DIMM sockets in the x3850 X6 and 192 DIMM sockets in the x3950 X6 (and with support for 64 GB LRDIMMs, you can have up to 6 TB of memory in the x3850 X6 or 12 TB in the x3950 X6)
  • New storage technologies, with eXFlash memory-channel storage that closely aligns the performance of storage with the power of the processors

Outstanding Benchmark Results:

  • The x3950 X6 running Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is the #1 overall TPC-E performance leader and #1 8 socket price/performance leader. - See Results & Blog
  • The x3850 X6 running Microsoft SQL Server 2014 remains the #1 TCE-E 4 socket performance leader. - See Results (results posted early 2014)

X6 and Microsoft SQL are AGILE

The X6 Solution for Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse on X6 can meet your current demands as well as your future needs. That is because both pieces of the solution—System x X6 enterprise servers and Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse— incorporate built-in scalability that provides the performance you need now that is combined with the ability to add capacity as you need it.

  • Reduce acquisition costs without compromising capacity or performance.
  • Speed server deployment from days to minutes.
  • Support three generations of processor technology within the same chassis.
  • Scale from 2 sockets and 48 DIMMs to 8 sockets and 192 DIMMs.
  • Swap components quickly, including compute, storage and full-length and half-length I/O books as well as fans and power supplies.

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X6 and Microsoft SQL are RESILIENT

To maximize application uptime and reduce support cost,  X6 Reliability Availability and Serviceability (RAS) innovation starts with Intel E7-8800/4800 family RAS. On top of this, X6 adds platform RAS capabilities. Even further,  X6 adds solution level RAS integration with Microsoft virtualization.

Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn incorporates wizards that reduce customer-required set-up and tuning, and provides dashboards that allow at-a-glance insight into system health. The result of these built-in system protections is outstanding system availability and dependability for mission-critical data-base applications. By integrating these technologies into the system platform, the X6 Solution for Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse on X6 helps you:

  • Perform maintenance and serviceability faster due to the modular design.
  • Eliminate restarts and ease serviceability by minimizing the number of system “touches.”
  • Reduce downtime due to self healing architectures for CPU failures

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You can depend on the System x Solution for Microsoft SQL on X6 to provide the speed, scalability and resilience you need to supply that information, along with the bottom line results your business demands.

MS Data Warehouse Fast Track for SQL 2014 on X6

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