x3750 M4 Adds Speed and Resiliency to Financial Cloud Services - New Case Study

The x3750 M4 solution helped Options IT increase its client base by 20 percent, expand services for existing customers and access the latest high-performance technology for outpacing the competition.


Options IT needed to deliver high performance financial trading applications – where microseconds count. Options IT needed a server platform with ultra-low latency, proven reliability with an efficient design.

Why Performance and Latency is Important:
When it comes to electronic trading operations, the difference between success and failure can be measured in a few microseconds. Today’s financial services firms need to be able to analyze vast amounts of stock data, run complex algorithms and execute millions of transactions per second. And they need to be able to do it all faster than the competition.

What Options IT Needed:
“We needed to be able to host our customers’ trading applications on high-performance servers in data centers around the world. We needed a server platform that we knew was going to be reliable and efficient. We found all that and more with the System x3750 M4 platform.” – stated Ken Barnes senior vice president of corporate development

Was it Successful?
After its initial evaluation phase, Options began rolling out x3750 M4 servers to its data centers located around the world.

“We run a variety of applications on the x3750 M4 platform. Electronic trading is probably the most demanding, performance- wise,” says Barnes. “But we also use these servers to run everything from our core infrastructure services, including our email, Active Directory authentication and our file servers. And we also use them to run a variety of financial applications, some physical and some virtual, including portfolio management applications, risk management applications"

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Randall Lundin manages the High End 4 and 8 socket server systems as part of the Lenovo Enterprise Product team. Follow Randall on Twitter at @RWLUNDIN or view Randall's LinkedIn profile.