X300 Blue Light Special

I've seen a few comments about the new X300 ThinkVantage button illumination. Some people like it, others don't. We added the illumination feature to help bring attention to the various software utilities that are quickly accessible by pressing the button. The light also helps people understand when to push the button during system start up to access the ThinkVantage pre-boot environment where you can recover important data. The subtle illumination also makes the button a bit more visible in  low light situations. It was not about blue light bling. That would be off-brand for ThinkPad design. If you don't like it, we have you covered. Push the ThinkVantage button, click on customize at the bottom of the menu, and select the tab called button light. This is where you can turn it off. You can also enable a MS mail checker feature that will blink the light when you have mail if you are so inclined.

David Hill