World Usability Day 2010

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Today is World Usability Day. It's the day we should all help drive awareness for those designs, products, and services, that facilitate and improve communication around the world. Here are the details surrounding this years theme as defined by the World Usability Day organization. Communication is the theme for World Usability Day 2010. "World Usability Day 2010 will serve as an impetus to creating greater awareness for designs, products and services that improve and facilitate communication around the world," said Elizabeth Rosenzweig, founder of World Usability Day.  This year's events and forums will focus on how products and services impact communication. Programs will examine all products and services used in the communication process including: cellular phones, mobile devices, social media, email, video, and perhaps other exciting technologies that may not have hit the mainstream! Some examples of communication in everyday life:

  • Telcos
  • Intra-office issues
  • Web 2.0, Facebook, Twitter
  • Advertising
  • Usability scripts
  • Google, searching, etc.
  • Info overload and priority-setting
  • Crossing cultural boundaries
  • Training, tutorials
  • Interactivity
  • Translations
  • Storytelling
  • Standards and Style Guides

David Hill