World Industrial Design Day 2010

Today is World Industrial Design Day. Industrial designers from around the globe should be celebrating in the streets. Seriously, it's great to see the focus on using design talent for such important causes. Here are the details directly from the ICSID website: In celebration of World Industrial Design Day on 29 June 2010, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) invites designers from around the globe to initiate events reflecting this year's theme: "Industrial Design: Humane solutions for a resilient world" This topic was selected to facilitate collaboration within the industrial design community with the goal of producing tangible solutions to world problems. "This theme stems from the immense response received from our recent 'Uniting Designers in Disaster' initiative launched on Facebook on 22 January in light of the disaster in Haiti and conveys the important role industrial design can play in global issues," stated President Mark Breitenberg. While the theme for WIDD 2010 calls on the design community to contribute their knowledge and skill, this day of observance is significant in fostering a global understanding of industrial design and all that it encompasses. Lets hope we can make a design difference.

David Hill