#WomenInSTEM: Inspiring the next generation of women

Co-authored with Gina Qiao

As two women executives who have spent our entire careers in high tech, we are adding our voices to the call for young women to seize the path into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers. 

During Women’s History Month we seek to inspire the next generation of young women from around the world to put their natural curiosity, critical thinking and problem solving skills to work in a STEM profession. This March, we profile successful women from across the globe who have chosen STEM careers and those who work to stimulate young people’s interest in STEM. These extraordinary women have reached uncharted heights in STEM fields, which traditionally have been dominated by men.

We also highlight the startling and inspiring facts about that state of women in STEM and the pipeline for girls. Our hope is that by sharing these stories and data, young women will see the economic and social opportunities that arise from STEM fields.

A few facts:

  • Today, teenage girls use computers and the internet at the same rate as boys, yet do not pursue careers in STEM fields.
  • International assessments have found that in primary education girls are narrowing the gender gap in the sciences, but in mathematics the gap varies from country to country.  In countries such as Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Thailand girls outperform boys in math, however women are still largely underrepresented as researchers in science fields. 
  • In ten years, global projections say that we will experience a 1.2 million shortfall of skilled professionals within the marketplace.

Now is the time for young women to step up and say, ‘yes’ to a STEM career.

At Lenovo we are proud that women represent almost 40 percent of our workforce. We know the inclusion of women creates better solutions for our business and our customers. And, we have personally witnessed how having a STEM background has laid the foundation for us to solve big problems, manage issues and help create success for the people with whom we work.


We hope our stories and the pioneering women whom we highlight during Women’s History Month will ignite other young women to pursue careers in STEM. As women our participation is integral to the future STEM marketplace and to all of society. Women of the past and present have dedicated their talents to innovating scientific processes, advancing technology, improving engineering methods, and creating math proofs, we know that their work is a cornerstone foundation upon which other young women must build.

About the Authors: Gina Qiao and Yolanda Conyers are authors of The Lenovo Way. They have spent more than 25 years in the high tech industry and are advocates for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.