Windows 7 impressions from Akihabara

Liza Adnan

Browsing online earlier this week, I found a few links around the web related to Lenovo's Windows 7  Touch and Try event  I thought I would to share with our readers...

Linux Cafe.

Lenovo Windows 7 Enhanced Experience logo.

Windows 7 Launch discussion was been shared in ThinkPad Club Forum.

Touch and Try" multi touch T400s and built-in CULV function S12. Joining us again is  Mr. Masaru Kamikura who shares his thoughts and a few pictures from the  Win 7 Touch and Try event held at the Café Solare (Linux Café) in Akihabara, Tokyo.  

Masaru Kamikura

On October 24 and 25 2009 “Lenovo PCs Windows 7 Touch and Try Event” was held at Café Solare (Linux Café) in Akihabara, Tokyo.

win 7 event

In this event, the newest Lenovo laptops in the ThinkPad and IdeaPad series were exhibited. This event was a great opportunity for people who want to choose ThinkPad and IdeaPad because these systems are rarely exhibited at general retailers.   According to Windows 7 announcement, Lenovo is becoming well known for the latest technology “Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience”, so holding a public demonstration seems a great way to allow perspective customers to experience it for themselves. Lenovo laptops were not for display only; people who visited this event could touch and try out the keyboard feel, performance and also enjoy the full functionality.   Also featured were the dual-screen W700ds,  the just released in Japan touch-panel ThinkPad T400s and the IdeaPad S12 built-in NVIDIA ION.  This event at  Akihabara was full of unique experiences and displays, especially the dismantled T400s.

Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience is a technology which speeds up boot time.   The Boot time comparison demonstration was conducted comparing preload Windows 7 product and conventional product were started simultaneously to show the differences.  As a result, Windows 7 booting time is 23 seconds faster than the standard at 32 seconds. The technology is not advantageous while booting, it also effects time spent shutting down or returning from suspend mode.   There was a chance to watch a Simple Tap demonstration of ThinkPad T400s. Customers in attendance was clearly excited by the demonstrations, as was a local dealer who understanably was perhaps  a little curious as to what effect Windows 7 will have on PC sales.