Windows 7 Enhanced Experience Launch

Today is a huge day for the PC industry.  A lot will be said and written today by many journalists, bloggers, and vendors.  Here on insidethebox, we'd like to try something a little bit different. As I promised after the last Windows 7 Enhanced Experience post, we are following it up with a second installment.  We also know that there will be lots of discussion and questions, so I've worked conjunction with Mark Hopkins to continue the discussion on our Lenovo forums in a limited time "event."  To help make this more than just an average collection of topics, we've arranged for engineers and other experts to regularly log on and help answer your questions. To whet your appetite, here are two clips to kick it off. In this first clip, you'll find out more specifics of makes Lenovo's Windows 7 Enhanced Experience different from other vendors.  This isn't just a marketing claim. 

Learn about all of the work done to improve Lenovo's ThinkVantage Technologies.

Over on the boards, I've posted clips from that interview covering the following topics:

I realize that some of you will want to see all of these clips in one video vs. watching them in separate sections.  I'll post one joined video after a suitable time.  For now, I'm keeping them separate to hopefully get you to browse the forums and engage with the community. Come join in the discussion on Lenovo's Windows 7 Enhanced Experience and watch the rest of the videos there.  (You'll find all of them together on page 1 of the thread.) Also, John Mese has put together this summary chart.  Refer back to it after watching the videos and you'll be able to understand exactly which Enhanced Experience benefits you can expect on your Lenovo system.

EE Summary Chart

Thanks for joining us today.