Win a ThinkPad X Series

Our ThinkPad Team is running a ThinkPad Most Mileage Contest. The details are found here on a link off of our ThinkPad 15th Anniversary Web Page. As usual, apologies to non-North American readers as this is only open to the US and Canada only (excluding Quebec). To win, you need to submit a 2 -4 minute video under the theme of "most mileage." What most mileage means is up to you – use your creativity and wow the judges. Maybe you take your ThinkPad to the rainforest. Maybe you like to bake with it, because you know a ThinkPad works better than a cookie sheet to give your sugar cookies nice golden brown bottoms. ***

Or maybe you do this all day... In any case, let us know how your ThinkPad has the most mileage and have some fun with it. ***DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. This is a joke and a ThinkPad cannot really be used this way. If you think a ThinkPad really can substitute as a baking sheet, then please see a doctor.