Why should you consider All-In-Ones?

ThinkCentre Edge 92z

Why should you consider All-In-Ones?

Pooja Sathe, ThinkCentre Product Manager

From traditional towers to ultra small form factors, we have seen desktops evolve in technology, performance and design. Last year Lenovo introduced the industry’s first 1 L commercial desktop - the ThinkCentre Tiny. This unique form factor is designed to fit into places where traditional desktops never had a chance - on the wall, behind the monitor and under the desk. The whole idea of introducing this paradigm product is to provide a space efficient design without compromising commercial desktop performance. As business demand and aesthetics limit overall product footprint in the desktop segment, the most important product to consider is All-In-Ones (AIO). All-In-Ones are still considered a niche product. IDC data suggests that NA AIO market size will be 2.15 million/year in 2013 and 2014. This is a significant and almost 15% of the total desktop market size. According to this data, the commercial AIO market is showing a rapid growth of 13.1% year over year whereas the traditional desktop market is declining. To continue with this growth trajectory, it is important to address the apprehensions customers have about the AIO’s performance, maintenance and expandability.

In the next few paragraphs, we will explore why AlO systems are a great option for desktop users and give examples of ThinkCentre This will be done for two reasons: First, Lenovo is ranked #1 in WW AIO market with a very competitive AIO product portfolio. Second, I interact closely with product development and sales teams as well as customer reps as the brand manager for ThinkCentre M series AIO.  The ThinkCentre AIO product line has been carefully designed to meet the needs of enterprise and small businesses in different vertical markets. We offer products for every budget and various capabilities. From velocity to premium products, we offer our mainstream AIO M72z 20”, designed specifically for Education and Public sector; our M92z, a premium AIO with two screen sizes, 20” and 23”, with Intel vPro technology that is engineered to address the productivity needs of large enterprises and healthcare; and our Edge 92z 21.5” designed specifically for SMB customers who value style, feature upgrades and cost efficiency.

Here are 3 reasons ThinkCentre All-In-Ones are a really good alternative to desktops:

1) Space Efficiency:    ThinkCentre AIOs provide up to 70% space savings compared to a traditional tower and monitor and its functionality eliminates the need for separate equipment.  Offices that were previously cluttered and cramped with equipment are now spacious and easy to work in. In fact, traditional desktops require a nest of cables. Who wouldn’t want a neat working space and cable clutter free environment? Healthcare, education and retail sectors definitely find value here. Lenovo’s ThinkCentre also offers ergonomically designed stands for AIOs such as height adjustable stands and wall mounts so that the customers can fully leverage these space savings.

2) Performance Parity: Performance and technology are the most important criteria while buying a PC. ThinkCentre AIOs have chipset, processor, memory, and HDD parity to a desktop. They drive productivity with up to 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 processors, rapid boot HDD accelerator for faster boot up time, USB 3.0 for faster peripheral speed, up to 16GB PAM with 2DIMM slots and 1TB hard drive. In fact, our Edge AIO comes with discrete graphics cards with Win 8 touch capability for enhanced multi-media experience. The anti-glare IPS Panels, built in 2.0MP webcam, Wi-Fi, Wi-Di (optional on Edge92z) and dual array microphone provide a high-level experience for VOIP communications. I agree that you can’t match the expandability of a tower with an AIO, but you won’t have to compromise much. You don’t even need to worry about maintenance anymore while choosing an AIO over a traditional tower or a small form factor.  For example, our tool-less design on M92z provides ease of access to the handle, chassis, HDD, ODD and other components.

3) Aesthetics: All-In-Ones are neatly designed PCs and save a lot of space. Aesthetics are really important for some sectors such as hospitality, retail, banking and design studios. Every industry has a customer-facing aspect such as reception, customer centre, waiting rooms and kiosks. AIOs make perfect sense for these environments. And, if you look at theThinkCentre AIO portfolio, Edge 92z is the best looking system and leaves a lasting impression with its sleek, stylish and space saving design. It targets SMB customers who value ThinkCentre quality and cutting-edge style.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, All-In-Ones provide price parity to traditional desktops. We often hear customers complaining about the high price of AIOs. This is misconception. The price of M72e Tower at $499 and a 20” ThinkVision monitor at $120 is quite close to the 20” M72z AIO at $649 (with comparable configurations). In fact, there are costs associated with space such as shipping, packaging and storage to consider as well. End users might not be concerned about these costs at first blush, but I am sure they would be interested in energy costs. You can save up to 75% energy consumption with ThinkCentre All-In-Ones. ThinkCentre M92z is the most environmentally friendly AIO and is the first AIO to receive TUV Green mark, UL environment Gold and Cisco Energy Wise compatibility certifications. 

The bottom line: If you are looking for a PC with a limited footprint and aesthetically-pleasing design but don’t want to compromise on desktop performance, ThinkCentre All-In-Ones are the best solution for you.