Why Lenovo’s IdeaPad K1 Tablet Will Make Movie Buffs Happy

Ninis Samuel is the global director of mobile product marketing for Lenovo, and is responsible for helping bring Lenovo’s new Android tablets to the market. His love for movies makes him particularly proud of the IdeaPad K1 Tablet – here’s why. My day job is leading the product marketing of our Android tablets around the world, so you could say it’s part of my job to talk up our new family of tablets, including the IdeaPad K1 Tablet and our ThinkPad Tablet, both running Android Honeycomb 3.1. Honestly though, the movie buff inside me is even more excited and proud that Lenovo’s tablets are the first Android tablets certified for Netflix!

The IdeaPad K1 is the first in our tablet family out of the gate. It is available now in the U.S and will be more widely sold in various retailers and online starting in August. Netflix comes with the first system update. When you turn on the K1 tablet, shortly after connecting it to WiFi, you should receive notifications to download a system update and install Netflix either immediately or within a day. Even better, you can go into your settings and proactively download and install the system update right away. It’s something I highly recommend everyone do when they first buy a unit because in addition to Netflix, it also makes a few other cool updates. After it’s been updated, you’ll notice Netflix is now on the main menu of apps


When I say I’m a movie buff I mean it – I even have my own movie blog for my friends. I watch Netflix content almost daily, and when I’m traveling I normally fire it up on my laptop. I prefer not to bring my laptop on trips, so I’ve always been a bit annoyed that no Android tablets officially had Netflix streaming. That’s why I was excited that our awesome development team worked closely with Netflix to make it a priority for Lenovo’s tablets. Lenovo put lots of time and effort into ensuring our Android tablets have DRM (digital rights management) and the type of content security that not only enables Netflix, but also lets you watch and download movies from other services and even watch them on external displays and TVs through the mini HDMI connector. Now I can pull out my IdeaPad K1 Tablet when I’m traveling or just at home relaxing, connect to WiFi, and bring up my Netflix queue. The marketing director movie buff in me is proud that Lenovo has the first Android tablet to be certified to stream Netflix!