Advocates are a brand's most passionate fans (and toughest critics!), and their fervent support can propel a brand to iconic status. So, what fuels their loyalty? In honor of ThinkPad's 20th Anniversary, we asked members of our Lenovo advocate communities to share why they chose ThinkPad.


"I chose ThinkPad because it’s like no other laptop out there. Its quality and reliability is unique since Lenovo actually takes its time to develop them. Its keyboard is very comfortable to type on and the TrackPoint is smooth and responsive. Its design is a great example of good design – functional, unique, elegant, and timeless. ThinkPads are so rugged that you can drop one and nothing will happen to it (I would know, I've done this several times)." - Eli Turner (Lenovo INsider)



"I chose ThinkPad because of its reliability, support and ability to fulfill all of my needs. It also provides the best performance and battery life compared to other models. With the best quality water-resistant keyboard, I can get things done more quickly without fear of drinks getting spilled onto the keyboard and causing system damage. ThinkPad gives me the confidence to do what I want to do." - Peter Tan (Lenovo Forums Guru and Lenovo INsider)



"One simple reason: They work well. To me, the ThinkPad brand has always stood for quality in hardware, customer service, presentation, and innovation. ThnkPad always has top quality innovations in their machines and they are kept within reason for everyone to enjoy, whether it’s the biometric finger scan, the water-resistant keyboard design, or the high-speed SSD. Black is not only sexy, it is the color that represents the brand so well. I love my T Series ThinkPad and would never change." - Craig Goldstein (Lenovo Advocacy Council)


"Eighteen years ago, I spent over $11,000 on an IBM ThinkPad 755CE, equipped with a 100MHz 486DX4 CPU.  Why?  I needed the fastest, most reliable notebook around.  In the past two decades, the specs have certainly gone up and the prices have gone down, but Lenovo has maintained that legendary level of performance and backs it with a level of service unparalleled in the industry. That's why I have a ThinkPad today." - Aryeh Goretsky (Lenovo Forum Moderator, Microsoft MVP, ZCSE, ESET Distinguished Researcher, Lenovo INsider)


"I chose to come back to ThinkPad after owning a couple of them years ago. No other brand that I've purchased since then has performed as well. ThinkPad serves my needs for working on website graphics, and for volunteering in online security-related forums. As an Administrator at a security forum I am in charge of running the training program, and having a reliable laptop for traveling and communicating with mentors and trainees around the world is important to me."    - Linda Layton (Microsoft MVP, Consumer Security, Lenovo INsider)



"I have been using ThinkPads, and only ThinkPads, for almost as long as they've been available. Nothing beats the ThinkPad for quality, reliability, durability, innovation, and fanatical attention to detail. The TrackPoint was revolutionary when introduced yet even today it still has no rival. When only the best is good enough, only a ThinkPad will do." - Dorian Hausman (Lenovo Forums Guru)


"I have always loved the ThinkPad laptop, ever since I was a kid. The beauty of ThinkPad is not always easily expressed by words alone, at least not without having to write a whole book about it. It is something that you must experience for yourself in order to fully appreciate or understand. Every time I use a ThinkPad and type on its well balanced keyboard, I get the feeling of elation and relaxation. For me, using and owning a ThinkPad is more than just for work, entertainment or showing off. It is like owning a piece of ‘timeless art’ that you can fully appreciate day in day out, and something that would never go out of fashion – just ask those people who own or play the Stradivari violin." - Jin Li (Microsoft MVP, Lenovo INsider)


"My first ThinkPad was a T41; I chose it simply because it was a good deal. I really liked it, so for my second computer, I decided on a ThinkPad Edge E520. I wanted something very durable and reliable, and that is what is known about the legendary ThinkPad line." - Joshua Grzybowski (Lenovo INsider)



"I chose ThinkPad because whenever I'm out camping, I need to be prepared, and only ThinkPads have the reliability I trust.  There can be no compromise when it comes to the quality of your equipment, and with a ThinkPad I know I'm getting the best. No other brand has the technology, durability, and no-compromise design I need." - Matthew Lanetti (Lenovo INsider)



"I love ThinkPads because of their versatility. They are professional to look at but still very tough and strong from the inside.  Their keyboards and battery life are to me what makes them out and their black coloured exterior just makes them a complete machine. Best of all? My friends are envious of the ThinkPads I use! ;)"  Vijaysaradhi Samavedam (Lenovo Forums Moderator and Lenovo Advocacy Council)