When Is Big, Too Big?

Now that's a tablet !!!

Everyone is talking about tablets. Lately it seems everyone wants to talk about big ones, or at least rumors of one. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've read articles that Lenovo is, or is not, building a 23" version. At least it would never get lost between the sofa cushions. Rumors aside, I think this poses an interesting question about tablets. When is big, too big? This is one of my favorite quotes from a recent online article on this subject from InventorSpot.com. Hilarious.

"It looks like Lenovo's out to develop a tablet that can figuratively and will literally be able to crush its competition."

For the most part, people have considered tablets to be highly portable objects roughly the size of a small magazine. They are handled, carried and stowed in a way very similar to them. I almost always have a magazine or two in my backpack. What if they were far bigger? What would you use such a tablet for ? A drafting table substitute would certainly make me happy. How big would the AC adapter be for powering such a beast? It boggles the mind.  From a rather practicle perspective, where would you put it? Would it need to comply with the guidlines for carry on airline baggage? Currently the basic rule is that carry on baggage must be no taller than 22 inches, no wider than 14 inches, and no deeper than 9 inches. There is, of course ,some variation by airline. Hard to imagine owning a tablet that big, but you never know. I once thought owning a television larger than 19" was ridiculous. Looking forward to your feedback on this topic. Who knows what the future may hold. David Hill