What’s so SMART about Smart Grid?

Intuitive, efficient and effective Smart Grid technology

GUEST BLOG BY Nancy Reaves...

Reducing power cost is always a priority. How do we do it at home? When we are not using a room, we make sure to turn off the lights. We install programmable thermostats that reduce the heat and air conditioning when we leave the house and increase it just before we return. Power is a significant part of the overall cost of managing a data center. Lenovo ThinkServer Smart Grid helps you to do the same thing that you do at home with your servers. You can lower operational expenses by effectively monitoring and managing power.

  • Smart Grid is SMART because it monitors exactly how much power you are using in real-time. You can examine power use at the individual server, rack of servers, row of racks, or group of server/rack level.
  • Smart Grid is SMART because it helps you to plan power usage through the use of power capping. By establishing a policy, you can cap power usage for a set of servers, at a certain time, to a specific level. This can help you to protect your critical applications when the server load increases.
  • Smart Grid is SMART because it allows you to monitor server utilization. In the case where your servers are underutilized, you can take advantage of that “unused” power and increase server density.
  • Smart Grid is SMART because it gives you the information needed to intelligently design and build out your data center.

It’s just like the individual consumer who has to manage the household expenses and keep overall costs to a minimum. You identify those big ticket items and determine how to manage them better. The same goes for managing the data center. Smart Grid gives you the power to control your operational costs.

Download the datasheet or view the Principled Technologies report. Principled Technologies tested Smart Grid and were able to reduce server power consumption by up to 20 percent and maintain the same level of performance.