What’s on TV? Helping Viewers across Central and Eastern Europe Stay Tuned In


CET 21 is the most popular broadcaster in the Czech Republic and we run some of the biggest commercial TV channels in the country. Our channels include TV Nova, SMÍCHOV, TELKA, TV MARKIZA and NOVA SPORT, covering everything from news and documentaries to soap operas, entertainment shows, movies and kids’ TV. We also provide online program streaming and video on-demand services so viewers never have to miss an episode of their favorite show.

Our holding company, CME Media Enterprise is even more prolific. With 33 channels operating in six different countries, CME has over 50 million regular viewers — it’s the largest broadcasting corporation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Not only is my IT department responsible for running our own mission-critical business and back-office solutions, we also host our holding company’s business applications. We don’t operate any broadcasting systems, but it’s fair to say that the ERP software, data warehouses and productivity tools we run ensure viewers across the region can enjoy their TV shows.

When our servers started reaching full capacity and we became unable to scale out to accommodate growing workloads, we knew we needed to do something about it — fast. To tackle this challenge, we decided to modernize and streamline our data center architecture by deploying a fully integrated, high-density Flex System solution from Lenovo.

As a result, we managed to boost performance by 100 percent! With Lenovo systems, we are very well-equipped to handle diverse workloads reliably, which helps us make sure that nobody misses the latest episode!

For more information, read the CET 21 case study.

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