What makes our ThinkPad X1 Carbon so good?

David Heyworth, Lenovo's Product Director, standing and pouring water on the ThinkPad X1 Carbon

When we launched the ThinkPad X1 last year, we thought it was close to perfect for our business customers. It was thin and light and also had all the ThinkPad inspired tradition. However twelve months on, we launched the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, which truly is now the ultimate business Ultrabook. 


So what makes our X1 Carbon such an awesome business tool? For starters it's forged with carbon fiber,  one of the strongest yet lightest materials available. It is the same stuff used in aerospace, military equipment,  and performance sports like Formula One. When compared to aluminium, there really is no comparison. Carbon Fiber is lighter, stronger and able to withstand much more extreme temperatures. No wonder the military love it.

Lenovo’s local product director David Heyworth, spoke to Trevor Long from Your Tech Life about our newly released ThinkPad X1 Carbon on his show recently. Trevor Long’s show is all about simplifying technology. To take a quote from Trevor refering to our ThinkPad X1 Carbon, “one of the best and most robust Ultrabook’s on the market”.

Listen in to the entire show by clicking here, as you hear what makes our ThinkPad X1 Carbon so good.