We’re Building an Indie Game…and We Need You to Join Us

We know what you’re thinking. No, we aren’t developing a game on our own. We know it takes more than creating gaming products to know what would make a great indie game.

We are, however, partnering with indie game company Dark Rift and gaming influencers Rooster Teeth, Funhaus, Felicia Day, Nerdist, Michele Morrow (part of Nerdist), Geek and Sundry, Machinima, and Inside Gaming to develop the next breakout indie game – and we need you to join us.

Throughout the development process, you will be able to influence the game’s mission, character development, mechanics, sound, design, mapping, lighting and more.

So, how do you leave YOUR mark?

1. Know the timing: Game development is now and runs through February 2016. We’ll release the level one game in June 2016. 

Dark Rift

2. Register: Register today at LenovoGameState.com to be a part of the development team. Building a profile alerts you to opportunities to participate and track the game’s progress. You'll also earn bragging rights and acquire badges for each part of the game you influence.

3. Know who to follow:

4. Check LenovoGameState.com: Discover more ways to participate and see how the game is progressing.

Is this project ambitious? Yes. Are we excited? Absolutely. So are our gaming influencers and Dark Rift. Let the contributions begin. Check out the website for more information.