Welcome to Lenovo’s New Campus

Everyone remembers their first day of school jitters, right?

You have your outfit all picked out the night before – maybe you even bought a new pair of shoes.

You wake up incredibly early because you have tossed and turned all night over the excitement of what the new school year would bring. No? Just me? 

Even if last week did not bring about the same type of excitement for you as it did me, I think everyone can agree that it truly feels like the start of something new. 

Thursday, October 2 and the days leading up to last week remind me of how I felt the first day of school or starting my first “real” job. I remember vividly starting high school and being so nervous that I would be sitting by myself in the cafeteria or that I would not recognize at least one familiar face in a class. Regardless of if you are a scared 14-year-old girl sitting in a history class or a 30+ year-old woman walking the halls of a familiar company,  you still want to make sure you have a friend to sit with in the cafeteria. 

While walking into new Lenovo Building 8 last week, I was brought back to the time when the unknown was a scary place. But this time around, the unknown brought excitement and a huge smile as I walked past so many unfamiliar faces. As I opened the doors to the employee entrance, a handful of smiling faces in bright red t-shirts greeted me as they were welcoming our new friends and directing them where to go once they received their new Lenovo badge and welcome packet.

As I made my way down the corridor, there was a hustle and bustle I felt from everyone around me that I had not noticed before. Everyone seemed to be smiling, people were talking as they made their way to their new desks and even though there were more than a few folks studying the floor charts on each floor by the stairwell trying to figure out where exactly their desk was, there was calmness in the air. 

A few of our team members told me that their smiles may have gotten slightly smaller upon learning there were no trash cans at their desk or that our beautiful, new gym would not be open for a few more weeks. I know the excitement will fade, we will all get bogged down with our day-to-day work, and might not smile quite as often while we are walking between our meetings passing our new colleagues. However, I feel fairly confident that there was not one person at work last Thursday that didn’t just pause, if even for a moment, and realize how exciting a time it is for all of us in Lenovo’s Enterprise Business Group and how great it is to be part of this new journey. 

I hope that everyone remembers what a momentous day it was for all of us last week and maybe, just maybe, will sit down with someone who is eating by themselves down in our new cafeteria. I’ve found that you never know what great things new faces can bring.