Welcome to the Mili Pictures Render Farm

ThinkStation workstations racked at Render Farm

While talking with a colleague, Allen Tang, Media and Entertainment Vertical Marketing Manager, I recently learned about an exciting ThinkStation customer relationship with Mili Pictures.  A growing animation movie & TV series production and training agency based in China, Mili Pictures is currently producing its first 3D animation movie Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon. What I found most intriguing about the relationship between Lenovo and Mili Pictures is the creation of the Mili Pictures Render Farm, a rendering cluster developed with Lenovo ThinkStation workstations.

Mili Pictures is poised to make significant investments over the next several years and has an aggressive movie production schedule ahead of them. The company’s plans will call for completing movies, on average, within a six month time span. Therefore, it is critical that Mili Pictures minimizes workload related to operating, maintaining, and filing digital media assets. To fulfill this demand, Lenovo designed hardware systems for Mili Pictures that effectively manage their front-end visual designing, back-end rendering and production. This “farm” solution consists of 249 Lenovo ThinkStation workstations. Mili Pictures relies on the ThinkStation C30 for rendering, animation and post production, while the ThinkStation S30 and E31 workstations are used for drawing and modeling. 

With exceptional leadership and great aspiration, Mili Pictures is quickly establishing itself as an international animation and production leader. I look forward to hearing back from Allen and others on the ThinkStation team as the relationship progresses.